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algology, lichenology & mycology

animal ecology (see also ecology; zoology)

anthropology, archeology & ethnology

art & illustration

  • Audubon, John James (United States 1785-1851) ornithology, illustration: try Google!
  • Gould, John (England 1804-1881) ornithology, publishing, illustration
  • Hulme, Frederick Edward (England 1841-1909) natural history, art and illustration
  • Seton, Ernest Thompson (England-Canada-United States 1860-1946) natural history, illustration: try Google!
  • Swainson, William (England-New Zealand 1789-1855) zoology, illustration
  • Wilson, Alexander (Scotland-United States 1766-1813) ornithology, poetry


biogeography (see also floristics; phytogeography; zoogeography)


botany (see also crop science; floristics; forestry; paleobotany; phytogeography; plant ecology)

cartography (see geography & cartography)

chemistry (see also biochemistry)

climatology & meteorology (see also physical geography)

community ecology (see ecology)

conchology (see malacology & conchology)

conservation (see also economics & economic biology)

crop science

dating & chronology

demography (see mathematics, statistics & demography)

ecology (see also animal ecology; biogeography; limnology; physiology & physiological ecology; phytogeography; plant ecology)

economics & economic biology (see also conservation; crop science; horticulture)

entomology (see also economics & economic biology; invertebrates; zoology)

ethnography & ethnology (see anthropology...)

evolutionary biology


field biology

fisheries science (see conservation; ichthyology; limnology)

floristics (see also biogeography; botany; phytogeography; plant ecology)

forestry (see also botany; conservation)

genetics (including plant genetics)

geography & cartography (see also physical geography)

geology & paleogeography (see also paleobotany; paleontology)

herpetology (see also vertebrate zoology & paleontology; zoology)



ichthyology & fisheries science (see also limnology; marine biology & oceanography; zoology)

illustration (see art and illustration)

invertebrates (see also entomology; malacology; paleontology; zoology)

limnology (see also ecology)

malacology/conchology (see also invertebrates; zoology)

mammalogy (see also vertebrate zoology & paleontology; zoology)

marine biology & oceanography

mathematics, statistics & demography

meteorology (see climatology & meteorology)

museology (see also science education & administration)

natural history (see also botany; geology; zoology; etc.)

oceanography (see marine biology & oceanography)

ornithology (see also vertebrate zoology & paleontology; zoology)

paleobotany (see also botany; paleontology)

paleontology (see also paleobotany; vertebrate zoology & paleontology)

physical geography (see also climatology & meteorology; geography; geology)

physiological ecology (see physiology & physiological ecology)

physiology & physiological ecology (see also ecology)

phytogeography (see also biogeography; botany; ecology; floristics; paleobotany; plant ecology)

plant ecology (see also biogeography; ecology; paleobotany; phytogeography)

plant genetics (see genetics)

plant morphology & physiology (see also botany; physiology & physiological ecology)

population biology (see also ecology)

science education & administration

statistics (see mathematics, statistics & demography)

systematics & taxonomy

taxonomy (see systematics & taxonomy)


vertebrate zoology & paleontology (see also herpetology; ichthyology; mammalogy; ornithology; paleontology; zoology)

wildlife biology (see conservation; economics & economic biology)

zoogeography (see also biogeography; evolutionary biology; systematics & taxonomy)

zoology (see also entomology; herpetology; ichthyology; invertebrates; malacology & conchology; mammalogy; ornithology; vertebrate zoology & paleontology)

*Again, note that workers whose reputation largely postdates 1950 were not considered for inclusion here.

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