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Wulff [Vul'f], Evgenii Vladimirovich (Ukraine-Russia 1885-1941)
botany, phytogeography

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Wulff was educated in Moscow and Vienna but returned to his native Crimea to begin his professional career. For several years he concentrated on studies on Crimean vegetation, but on moving to Leningrad his research program expanded, incorporating taxonomic reviews, economic botany, bibliography and history of botany, and, especially, plant geography. Wulff's 1932 monograph Vvedenie v Istoricheskuiu Geofgrafiiu Rastenii, translated into English as An Introduction to Historical Plant Geography and published in the West in 1943, is one of the twentieth century's key writings in the evolution of that subject. Wulff died during World War Two, the victim of an exploding bomb during the Leningrad siege.

Life Chronology

--born in Simferopol', Ukraine, on 25 May 1885.
--1903-1906: studies at Moscow University
--1909: Ph.D., University of Vienna
--1914-1926: works at the Nikitskii Botanical Garden near Yalta
--1921-1926: professor at the Crimean University
--1926: begins work at the Institute of Plant Industry, Leningrad; ultimately becomes curator of the herbarium of cultivated plants there
--1932: publishes his Vvedenie v Istoricheskuiu Geofgrafiiu Rastenii (in 1943 translated into English)
--1934: made a professor at the Pokrovskii Pedagogical Institute
--dies at Leningrad, Russia, on 21 December 1941.
--1943: posthumously publishes his An Introduction to Historical Plant Geography
--1944: posthumously publishes his Istoricheskaia Geografiia Rastenii; Istoriia Flor Zemnogo Shara (The Historical Geography of Plants; The History of the the World's Flora)

For Additional Information, See:

--Science, Vol. 100(2586) (1944): 43.
--Taxonomic Literature, Vol. 7 (1988).

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