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Kellogg, Vernon Lyman (United States 1867-1937)
entomology, science administration


Vernon Kellogg was able to make substantial contributions to society at three rather distinct levels of engagement. First, he rose to eminence as an entomologist, becoming a leading authority on the systematics and evolution of lice (especially the Mallophaga and Anoplura) and the genetics of silkworms. He was also one of the first to promote a genetics-based view of Darwinism through his many journal publications and books; these efforts represented an important stepping-off point for the eventual emergence of the Neo-Darwinian synthesis. Lastly, Kellogg took part in a number of civil service-related initiatives related on the one hand to relief problems caused by World War I, and on the other to science administration: he was, for example, one of the founding organizers of the National Research Council and served as its secretary for over ten years until poor health caused him to step down.

Life Chronology

--born in Emporia, Kansas, on 1 December 1867.
--1889: A.B., University of Kansas
--1890-1894: teaches entomology at Kansas
--1891-1892: graduate work at Cornell University
--1892: M.S., University of Kansas
--1893,1897: graduate work at the University of Leipzig
--1894: made assistant professor of entomology, Stanford University
--1896-1920: professor of entomology, Stanford University
--1905: publishes his American Insects
--1907: publishes his Evolution and Animal Life, with D. S. Jordan
--1907: publishes his Darwinism To-day
--1915: president, Entomological Society of America
--1915-1921: war and relief administration service for several U. S. government agencies
--1917: publishes his The Food Problem, with A. E. Taylor
--1918: made chevalier of the Legion of Honor of France
--1919: honorary LL.D., University of California
--1919-1931: secretary, National Research Council; made secretary emeritus in 1932
--1922: honorary Sc.D., Oberlin College
--1922-1933: trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation
--1924: publishes his Evolution
--dies at Hartford, Connecticut, on 8 August 1937.

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