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Kendeigh, S(amuel) Charles (United States 1904-1986)
ornithology, ecology

Photo courtesy of The Auk.
Kendeigh, a student of Victor Shelford at the University of Illinois, spent most of his professional career at that institution. His specialties were ecological energetics and the ecology of birds, and within that sphere investigated subjects such as nesting behavior, physiology-environment interactions, population trends, vegetation-community relations, and ecological biogeography. Kendeigh was a noted conservationist and was a co-founder of the Nature Conservancy. His reputed flock of 111 advisees includes the name of Eugene Odum, one of the century's leading figures in ecology.

Life Chronology

--born in South Amherst, Ohio, on 18 December 1904.
--1925-1939: research associate, Baldwin Bird Research Laboratory
--1926: A.B., Oberlin College
--1927: A.M., Oberlin College
--1930: Ph.D., University of Illinois
--1930-1936: teaches at Western Reserve University
--1936: made assistant professor of zoology, University of Illinois, Champaign
--1941-1948: associate professor, University of Illinois
--1943-1945: president, Wilson Ornithological Society
--1944: publishes "Measurement of Bird Populations" in Ecological Monographs
--1948-1973: professor, University of Illinois
--1950: president, Ecological Society of America
--1951: receives the Brewster Award from the American Ornithologists' Union
--1952: publishes his Parental Care and Its Evolution in Birds
--1961: publishes his Animal Ecology
--1970: publishes "Energy Requirements for Existence in Relation to Size of Bird" in Condor
--1973: retires from the University of Illinois
--1977: publishes his Granivorous Birds in Ecosystems, Their Evolution, Populations, Energetics, Adaptations, Impact, and Control, with Jan Pinowski
--1978: receives the Eminent Ecologist Award from the Ecological Society of America
--dies on 13 November 1986.

For Additional Information, See:

--The Auk, Vol. 104(3) (1987): 508-509.
--Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, Vol. 68(4) (1987): 508-509.

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