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Adamson, Robert Stephen (England-South Africa 1885-1965)
botany, phytogeography

In his early years Adamson devoted his attention to studies on British and Mediterranean climates plant ecology, but after moving to South Africa he turned more to floristics, taxonomy, and phytogeography. The high points of his career were probably his release of Vegetation of South Africa (an important phytogeographical analysis), and co-editorship of (and contributions to) the 1950 collaboration Flora of the Cape Peninsula.

Life Chronology

--born in Manchester, England, on 2 March 1885.
--1906: M.A., University of Edinburgh
--1907: D.Sc. (distinction in botany and zoology), University of Edinburgh
--1912: M.A., Emmanuel College, Cambridge University
--1912-1923: lecturer, Manchester University
--1923-1950: Harry Bolus professor of botany, University of Cape Town
--1938: publishes his Vegetation of South Africa
--1946-1948: president, Royal Society of South Africa
--1950: contributes to Flora of the Cape Peninsula
--1955: after retiring from the University of Cape Town in 1950 returns to Great Britain
--dies at Jedburgh, Scotland, on 6 November 1965.

For Additional Information, See:

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