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Reid, Clement (England 1853-1916)
geology, paleobotany

As the result of family circumstances Reid was unable to get much of a formal education, but this didn't slow him down for long. After studying in his spare time and joining the Geological Survey in 1874 he was employed in mapping one district after another for many years; this experience gave him a broad knowledge of the country's geology and he soon became regarded as one of the foremost experts of his time on British geology and paleobotany. His most intensive studies were on late Tertiary units, and by association the study of fossil seeds and pollen, and paleolithic evidences of humankind. Reid's wife Eleanor was his co-author on many projects.

Life Chronology

--born on 6 January 1853.
--1874: made an officer of Her Majesty's Geological Survey
--1875: elected a fellow of the Geological Society; serves on their Council in 1892-1895 and 1912
--1886: receives the Murchison Fund from the Geological Society
--1888: made a fellow of the Linnean Society; serves on their Council in 1900-1902 and 1905-1907
--1890: publishes his The Pliocene Deposits of Britain
--1897: receives the Bigsby medal of the Geological Society
--1899: publishes his The Origin of the British Flora
--1899: made a fellow of the Royal Society
--1901: appointed District Geologist
--1905: visits Tegelen in the Netherlands to study fossil plant remains
--1908: makes trip to Cyprus to advise on the use of water resources there
--1913-1914: vice-president, Geological Society
--1913: retires from the Geological Survey
--1913: publishes his Submerged Forests
--dies at Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, on 10 December 1916.

For Additional Information, See:

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--Journal of Botany, Vol. 55 (1917): 145-151.
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