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Moore, Robert Thomas (United States 1882-1958)

Photo courtesy of The Auk.
Robert T. Moore's various business enterprises constituted the main professional focus in his life, but his most important legacy is probably the Moore Laboratory of Zoology on the Occidental College campus. This houses the fruits of the considerable amount of time, effort, and expense that Moore invested into collecting bird specimens in Latin America--over sixty thousand such specimens in all. Moore's eighty plus papers on ornithological subjects, the main bulk of his published output, consist largely of field and distribution notes and descriptions of new Western and Neotropical species.

Life Chronology

--born in Haddonfield, New Jersey, on 24 June 1882.
--1898: joins American Ornithologists' Union
--1904: A.B., University of Pennsylvania
--1905: A.M., Harvard University
--1911-1916: editor, Cassinia
--1915-1930: owner, Borestone Mountain Fox Ranch, Maine
--1927, 1929: collecting expeditions to the Ecuadorian Andes
--1929-1950: honorary associate, California Institute of Technology
--1933-1948: visits Mexico nine times to study birds
--1934-1938: chairman, Galapagos Commission
--1940: elected fellow, American Ornithologists' Union
--1949: honorary D.S., Occidental College, Los Angeles
--1950, 1957: publishes his Distributional Check-list of the Birds of Mexico, in two volumes, with H. Friedmann, L. Griscom, and A. H. Miller
--1950-1955: director of the zoological lab, Occidental College
--dies on 30 October 1958.

For Additional Information, See:

--The Auk, Vol. 81(3) (1964): 326-331.

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