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Weaver, John Ernst (United States 1884-1966)
botany, crop science, plant ecology

During John Weaver's thirty-five year plus tenure at the University of Nebraska he produced a long series of books and articles that frequently have been cited through the years. Weaver was a leading expert on grasses, both as natural populations and as crops. Among the subjects he explored were root development in grasses, conservation of prairie grasses and soils, regeneration ecology of grasslands, the effects of drought, and regional floristics.

Life Chronology

--born in Villisca, Iowa, on 5 May 1884.
--1909: B.Sc., University of Nebraska
--1911: A.M., University of Nebraska
--1912-1914: teaches at Washington State College
--1914-1915: instructor in botany, University of Minnesota
--1916: Ph.D., University of Minnesota
--1915-1917: assistant professor of botany, University of Nebraska
--1917-1952: professor of botany, University of Nebraska
--1922-1932: research associate, Carnegie Institution
--1926: publishes his Root Development of Field Crops
--1929: publishes his Plant Ecology, with Frederic E. Clements
--1930: president, Ecological Society of America
--1937: president, Nebraska Academy of Sciences
--1952: publishes "Effects of Excessive Natural Mulch on Development, Yield, and Structure of Native Grassland," with N. W. Rowland, in Botanical Gazette
--1954: publishes his North American Prairie
--1956: publishes his Grasslands of the Great Plains
--dies at Lincoln, Nebraska, on 8 June 1966.

For Additional Information, See:

--Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, Vol. 48(3) (1967): 107-109.

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