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Wolfenbarger, Daniel Otis (United States 1904-1995)
economic entomology

Daniel Wolfenbarger spent most of his professional life involved in applied biology studies on insect pests; during this period he investigated a wide range both of pest species, and of susceptible crops. He was also, however, interested in the special problem of the dispersal characteristics of small organisms, and the most-cited papers of the more than one hundred fifty he produced over the years were on this subject. He approached it in a broad yet very organized way, methodically examining data bearing on both the vertical and the horizontal aspects of dispersal and dispersion for pollen, bacteria, insects, fungi, viruses, etc., etc.

Life Chronology

--born in Ottawa Country, Oklahoma Territory, on 22 June 1904.
--1928: B.S., Colorado Agricultural College
--1928-1929: teaches high school in Wyoming
--1929-1930: assistant in entomology and zoology, South Dakota State College
--1930-1933: research assistant, New York State College of Agriculture
--1934-1943: entomologist, USDA
--1938: Ph.D. in economic entomology, Cornell University
--1942-1945: assistant entomologist, Delaware Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Delaware
--1945-1975: entomologist, University of Florida's Subtropical Experiment Station, Homestead
--1946: publishes "Dispersion of Small Organisms" in American Midland Naturalist
--1951-1953: on special assignment for the government of the Bahamas
--1954: president, Florida Entomological Society
--1975: publishes his Factors Affecting Dispersal Distances of Small Organisms
--dies at Homestead, Florida, on 23 October 1995.

For Additional Information, See:

--Florida Entomologist, Vol. 79(2) (1996): 272.

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