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Bergmann, Carl Georg Lucas Christian (Germany 1814-1865)
anatomy, physiology

Although Bergmann had a successful enough career as a zoologist in his own time, he is known today for only one thing: his description of a set of ecogeographic relations now referred to as "Bergmann's Rule." This principle leads to the hypothesis, as a fundamental matter of physics (e.g., as related to heat loss to surface area ratio considerations), that the members of those races of a species that are geographically situated in the colder parts of its range should tend to be larger in size than those found in the warmer areas.

Life Chronology

--born in Göttingen, Germany, on 18 May 1814.
--1838: M.D., Göttingen
--1839-1862: publishes papers on comparative anatomy in Archiv für Anatomie, Physiologie und Wissenschaftliche Medicin
--1839-1843: lecturer, Göttingen University
--1840: hired as assistant to Rudolf Wagner in Göttingen
--1843: promoted to professor extraordinary at Göttingen
--1847: publishes "Ueber die Verhältnisse der Wärmeökonomie der Thiere zu ihrer Grösse" in Göttinger Studien (his elucidation of "Bergmann's Rule")
--1852: made full professor at Rostock
--1852: made director of the Museum of Human Anatomy and of the Institute of Animal Anatomy and Physiology, both at Rostock
--1852: publishes his Anatomisch-physiologische Übersicht des Thierreiches, with Karl Leuckart
--1852: made member of the Medicinal Commission, Rostock
--1861: made senior medical chancellor at Rostock
--dies at Geneva, Switzerland, on 30 April 1865.

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