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Dammerman, Karel Willem (Netherlands 1885-1951)


Zoologist Karel Dammerman is remembered primarily for his connection with the natural history of Indonesia, and in particular for his 1948 study The Fauna of Krakatau 1883-1933. This monograph chronicled the colonization history of the island after the catastrophic volcanic eruption of 1883, in so doing exploring several of the key elements of island biogeography equilibrium theory later worked out in mathematical detail by Robert MacArthur and Edward O. Wilson. Dammerman was for many years co-editor of the journal Treubia; his many other interests included science and museum administration, conservation, natural history field work, faunal evolution in reclaimed land parcels, and taxonomic nomenclature.

Life Chronology

--born in Arnhem, Netherlands, on 4 July 1885.
--1905: enters University of Utrecht
--1907-1908: zoological assistant to A. A. W. Hubrecht at the University of Utrecht
--1910: prepares his thesis at the Museum of Natural History at Leiden
--1910: completes his doctorate
--1910-1912: works in the East Indies for the Division for Plant Diseases
--1912-1917: works as assistant to C. J. J. Van Hall at the Laboratory for Plant Diseases, Buitenzorg
--1919: made curator of the Zoological Museum, Buitenzorg
--1919: publishes his Landbouwdierkunde van Oost-Indië (English translation The Agricultural Zoology of the Malay Archipelago, appears in 1929)
--1919-1932: chairman of the Netherlands Indies Society for the Protection of Nature
--1919-1938: co-editor of Treubia
--1929: secretary for biological sciences at the 4th Pacific Science Congress in Java
--1932-1939: director of the Botanical Gardens, Buitenzorg
--1933-1940: corresponding member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences
--1935: his wife dies; returns to Holland on temporary leave
--1943-1951: research associate at the Museum in Leiden
--1945: vice-president, Netherlands Entomological Society
--1947-1950: president, Netherlands Entomological Society
--1948: publishes his The Fauna of Krakatau 1883-1933 in the Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Amsterdam
--dies at Voorburg, Netherlands, on 19 November 1951.

For Additional Information, See:

--Treubia, Vol. 21(2) (1952): 468-480.
--Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters, Vol. 2(5) (1992): 145-148.

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