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Tate, George Henry Hamilton (England-United States 1894-1953)

George Tate was described somewhat unflatteringly in one of his obituaries as "an active and competent student" in several disciplines within the field of natural history. Probably true, but he is by far best known for his work as a mammalogist for the American Museum of Natural History. Tate's approach to his science emphasized thoroughness; over his career he produced a sizable string of works focusing on the regional faunas and individual taxa he had methodically investigated both through collections obtained from fieldwork, and through museum-based study. His death in 1953 was brought on in part by lingering diseases he had contracted during his many field expeditions to tropical locations.

Life Chronology

--born in London, England, on 30 April 1894.
--1912: the Tate family moves from England to New York City
--1912-1914: works as telegraph operator on Long Island
--1914: enlists in the British army
--1918-1919: studies at the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London
--1921: hired as a field assistant in mammalogy by the American Museum of Natural History
--1921-1929: takes part in several collecting expeditions to South America
--1927: finishes his B.S. at Columbia University
--1927: becomes naturalized citizen of the U. S.
--1931: M.S., Columbia University
--1932: made assistant curator of mammals, American Museum of Natural History (associate curator, 1942; curator, 1946)
--1936-1937: field work in New Guinea
--1938: D.Sc., University of Montreal
--1938: field work in Venezuela
--1939-1940: field work in West Africa
--1945: publishes his Mammals of the Pacific World, with T. D. Carter & J. E. Hill
--1947: publishes his Mammals of Eastern Asia
--1947-1948: field work on the Cape York Peninsula, Australia
--dies at Morristown, New Jersey, on 24 December 1953.

For Additional Information, See:

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