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Aleem, Anwar Abdel (Egypt 1918-1996)
marine biology

World Who's Who in Science (1968) summarizes Anwar Aleem's research interests thusly: "developed apparatus and methods for simulating tides in labs, quantitative methods for assessing plankton and diatoms; research on ecology and taxonomy of marine phytoplankton and relation to nutrients, productivity studies in inland lakes, world-wide distribution of parasitic maritime fungi, taxonomic studies of diatoms, algae, marine fungi and grasses." Aleem's more than 120 publications also include a number of treatments of the history of oceanography, another of his interests.

Life Chronology

--born in Alexandria, Egypt, on 13 December 1918.
--1941: B.Sc., University of Cairo
--1942-1946: assistant, Faculty of Science, University of Alexandria
--1945: M.Sc., University of Alexandria
--1949: Ph.D., University of London
--1949-1952: research fellowships in Sweden, France and Germany
--1953-1959: associate professor of oceanography, University of Alexandria
--1953: awarded the Egyptian State Prize in Biological Sciences
--1954: research fellow, Hancock Foundation; Fulbright Scholar, University of Southern California
--1955: research fellow, Institute of Marine Resources and Scripps Institution of Oceanography
--1959-1986: professor and head of oceanography, University of Alexandria
--1961: publishes his Marine and Freshwater Resources of Egypt
--1964: takes part in the International Indian Ocean Expedition
--1964: publishes his Oceans and Seas and Their Natural Resources
--1970: D.Sc., University of London
--1984: receives the Kuwait Prize for the Advancement of Science
--1986: retires; made professor emeritus
--dies in 1996.

For Additional Information, See:

--Botanica Marina, Vol. 40(4) (1997): 257-261.    Malvina Reynolds
--International Journal of Naval History, Vol. 3(2/3) (2004): 14-18.

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