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Longwell, Chester Ray (United States 1887-1975)

Longwell's very full professional career featured leadership roles as a field geologist, college administrator, and writer (of both popular/educational and technical matter). First and foremost, perhaps, Longwell established his reputation in the field through structural and mapping surveys in both the western and eastern United States, e.g.: the Las Vegas/Lake Mead area, other parts of Nevada and Arizona, the Black Hills, and the Triassic zone of Connecticut and Massachusetts. A particular interest in geotectonics led him from time to time to consider worldwide patterns of development, and to chime in on ongoing debates such as that over Wegenerian continental drift.

Life Chronology

--born in Spalding, Missouri, on 15 October 1887.
--1915: A.B., University of Missouri
--1916: A.M., University of Missouri
--1916-1920: geologist, Oklahoma Geological Survey
--1917-1919: serves in the U. S. Army
--1919: surveys the Virgin Mountains, Arizona
--1920: Ph.D. in geology, Yale University
--1920-1945: geologist, U. S. Geological Survey
--1920-1926: assistant professor, Yale University
--1926-1929: associate professor, Yale University
--1929-1956: professor of geology, Yale University
--1932: publishes his A Textbook of Geology, with four others
--1932: publishes his Walks and Rides in Central Connecticut and Massachusetts, with J. D. Dana and E. S. Dana
--1935: elected to the National Academy of Sciences
--1937-1940: chairman, division of geology and geography, National Research Council
--1938-1946: chairman, Geology Department, Yale University
--1940: honorary LL.D., University of Missouri
--1949: president, Geological Society of America
--1954: president, American Geological Institute
--1956: made professor emeritus, Yale University; joins Stanford University as research associate
--dies at Palo Alto, California, on 15 December 1975.

For Additional Information, See:

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--Geological Society of America Memorials, Vol. 7 (1977).

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