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Just, Theodor Karl (Austria-United States 1904-1960)

Just, who carried out and published only a limited quantity of research, was nevertheless a significant figure in the fields of botany and paleobotany over the middle third of the century for his contributions to editing, bibliography, instruction and mentoring, history of science, and professional and administrative service in those areas. He did publish well over two hundred writings, but most of these were book reviews; it was as a well-read and multi-lingual editor that he was best known, however, as he was responsible for founding Lloydia and American Midland Naturalist Monographs, as well as guiding the American Midland Naturalist for over fifteen years. Most of his scientific writings treated phytogeographic subjects, glacial and postglacial environments, and issues in plant taxonomy.

Life Chronology

--born in Gross Gerungs, Austria, on 27 October 1904.
--1928: Ph.D., University of Vienna
--1928-1929: assistant at the herbarium of the Natural History Museum, Vienna
--1929: moves to the United States; made instructor in biology and curator of botanical libraries and herbaria, Notre Dame
--1930-1947: editor, American Midland Naturalist
--1932-1935: assistant professor, Notre Dame
--1935-1941: associate professor, Notre Dame
--1938: becomes naturalized citizen of the United States
--1938-1959: founder and editor of Lloydia
--1940-1945: head of biology department, Notre Dame
--1941: paleontological field work in the western U. S.
--1941-1945: professor, Notre Dame
--1943: president, Indiana Academy of Science
--1944-1947: founder and editor of American Midland Naturalist Monographs
--1947-1960: chief curator of the botany department, Chicago Natural History Museum
--1951: lecturer in botany, University of Chicago
--dies at Oak Park, Illinois, on 14 June 1960.

For Additional Information, See:

--Who Was Who in America, Vol. 4 (1968).
--American Midland Naturalist, Vol. 65(2) (1961): i-xvi.
--Taxonomic Literature, Vol. 2 (1979).

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