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Marie-Victorin, Frère (aka Conrad Kirouac) (Canada 1885-1944)
botany, floristics


Frère Marie-Victorin was not only a botanist of considerable general renown, but one of the first French Canadians to rise to a level of prominence within the scientific community. In the latter capacity he became an important role model, involving himself in the power structure through joining (and leading) a number of institutions both inside and outside Canada, and writing various tracts and essays espousing nationalist causes. His phytogeographical work, of which there was a good deal, concentrated on eastern Canada, but he also published reviews of West Indian, especially Cuban, floras. He took the name Marie-Victorin soon after the turn of the century upon joining his religious order.

Life Chronology

--born in Kingsley Falls, Quebec, on 3 April 1885.
--1901: joins the Order of the Christian Brothers
--1903: graduates from college, Mont-de-Salle, Montreal
--1903: professor, College de Saint-Jerome
--1904-1920: professor, Collège de Longueil and St-Léon de Westmount
--1920: founds and is made director of the Montreal Botanical Institute
--1920-1944: professor of botany at the University of Montreal
--1922: D.Sc., University of Montreal
--1923: founder and secretary of the Association Canadienne-Français pour l'Avancement des Sciences (AFCAS)
--1923: publishes his Les Filicinées du Québec
--1924: elected to the Royal Society of Canada
--1925: publishes his Études Floristiques sur la Région du Lac Saint-Jean
--1927-1930: member, Biological Board of Canada
--1928: made general secretary of the AFCAS
--1929: publishes his Le Dynamisme dans la Flore du Québec
--1933: president of Section V of the Royal Society of Canada
--1935: publishes his Flore Laurentienne
--1936: founds the Montreal Botanical Gardens
--1938: botanical expedition to Cuba
--1939: member, International Commission on Nomenclature
--1942: publishes his Itinéraires Botaniques dans l'Île de Cuba; makes second trip to Cuba
--1944: third trip to Cuba; receives Cuba's Order of Merit
--dies at Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, on 15 July 1944.

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