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Zeuner, Frederick Everard (Germany-England 1905-1963)
geology, archeology

Frederick Zeuner's two hundred or so publications, including a trio of standout books, reveal a man of great breadth of interest and a technical knowledge equal to these various pursuits. Zeuner started out as an entomologist, eventually leaning toward studies on fossil groups (including his Ph.D. dissertation on orthopterans). The geological emphasis in his work later became dominant and was manifest in a central interest in dating and chronology, especially of Pleistocene environments, and on all three of these subjects he became a pioneering authority. Archeology and zooarcheology were also important elements in his life's work; so too, human ecology and the evolution of domesticated animal forms. Zeuner was active in the field, involving himself in projects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, North America, Australia, and the Canary Islands. By all accounts he was a very inspiring teacher, and left many disciples.

Life Chronology

--born in Berlin, Germany, on 8 March 1905.
--1927: Ph.D., University of Breslau
--1927-1930: Privatdozent, University of Breslau
--1931-1934: lecturer in geology, University of Freiburg
--1934: emigrates to England
--1934-1936: research associate, British Museum (Natural History)
--1936-1945: lecturer in geochronology, University of London Institute of Archaeology
--World War II: works at the Anti-Locust Research Centre, South Kensington
--1942: D.Sc., University of London
--1945: publishes his The Pleistocene Period, Its Climate, Chronology and Faunal Successions
--1946: publishes his Dating the Past; An Introduction to Geochronology
--1946-1963: professor and head of environmental archaeology, University of London Institute of Archaeology
--1952: admitted to the Germany Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina
--1954: president, Geologische Vereinigung (vice-president, 1951-1953, 1955-1957)
--1963: vice-president, Royal Anthropological Institute
--1963: publishes his A History of Domesticated Animals
--dies in London on 5 November 1963.

For Additional Information, See:

--Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, Vol. 75(1) (1964): 117-120.
--Proceedings of the Geological Society of London for 1965 (1965): 122-123.
--The Times (London) No. 55853 (8 November 1963): 17.

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