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Hutton, Frederick Wollaston (England-New Zealand 1836-1905)
geology, zoology


After serving in the military in several capacities and rising to the rank of captain, Hutton retired from service in 1865 and emigrated to New Zealand the following year. There he rose to the first rank among New Zealand naturalists, carving out a solid reputation in the fields of zoology and geology (and to a somewhat lesser degree, botany), and becoming a noted teacher, administrator, and philosophical scientist. He was an early and avid supporter of Darwinian selection principles, and used these to help explain the biogeographical and evolutionary origins of elements of the New Zealand biota. Hutton published more than six hundred works over the length of his career.

Life Chronology

--born in Gate Burton, Lincolnshire, England, on 16 November 1836.
--1854: enrolls in King's College
--1855-1865: serves in the British army
--1860: made a fellow of the Geological Society
--1866: moves to New Zealand
--1871-1874: assistant geologist, New Zealand Geological Survey, Wellington
--1872: made a corresponding member of the Zoological Society of London
--1874: made provincial geologist of Otago; also made lecturer in geology at the University and curator of the museum
--1877-1880: professor of natural science, Otago University
--1880-1893: professor of biology, Canterbury College
--1892: elected a fellow of the Royal Society of London
--1893-1905: curator of the Canterbury Museum, New Zealand
--1899: publishes his Darwinism and Lamarckism: Old and New
--1902: publishes his The Lesson of Evolution
--1902: Hobart meeting president, Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science
--1903-1904: president of the New Zealand Institute
--1904: publishes his The Animals of New Zealand; made a life member of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science
--dies at sea off Cape Town, South Africa (buried at sea), on 27 October 1905.

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