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Gadow, Hans Friedrich (Germany-England 1855-1928)
zoology, zoogeography

Gadow studied zoology as a student under the renowned German evolutionist Ernst Haeckel, but began to make his mark only after moving over to England and taking a job at the British Museum in 1880. Shortly thereafter he became associated, permanently, with Cambridge University. Gadow's research focused on the anatomy and morphology of birds, and his publications in that area are important for the effect they had on twentieth century systematics studies on that group. He also worked on reptiles and amphibians, and in the years surrounding the turn of the century embarked on a series of travels in Spain and Mexico in which he developed a strong interest in the geographical distribution and dispersal mechanisms of these groups.

Life Chronology

--born in Altkrakow, Pomerania (Polish Prussia), on 8 March 1855.
--1875: begins studies in natural science at the University of Berlin
--1878: Ph.D., Jena, Germany (student of Haeckel)
--1880: made a research assistant in zoology at the British Museum
--1882: made trustee and curator of the Strickland Foundation for Birds at Cambridge University's Zoology Museum
--1884: made lecturer in vertebrate morphology at King's College, Cambridge; becomes a naturalized British citizen
--1888: becomes a member of the Zoological Society of London
--1892: elected to the Royal Society
--1893-1896: publishes his A Dictionary of Birds, with Alfred Newton and others
--1897: publishes his In Northern Spain
--1898: publishes his A Classification of Vertebrata, Recent and Extinct
--1908: publishes his Through Southern Mexico
--1913: publishes his The Wanderings of Animals
--1920: made reader in vertebrate morphology at King's College, Cambridge
--dies at Cambridge, England, on 26 May 1928.
--1933: posthumously publishes The Evolution of the Vertebral Column: a Contribution to the Study of Vertebrate Phylogeny, with J. F. Gaskell and H. L. Green

For Additional Information, See:

--Proceedings of The Royal Society of London, Ser B, Vol. 107(754) (1931): i-iii.
--Nature, Vol. 121(3057) (1928): 874.
--The Auk, Vol 45(4) (1928): 538-539.

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