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Geiger, Rudolf (Germany 1894-1981)
meteorology, climatology

Geiger was a prominent meteorologist who helped found the science of microclimatology; his The Climate Near the Ground from 1950 stands as a milestone publication in the history of that subject. Another of Geiger's interests was climate classification, where he helped Köppen develop and extend his famous systemization. With Köppen he was co-editor of the ambitious Handbuch der Klimatologie project that was never completed (but still ran to five volumes during the 1930s).

Life Chronology

--born in Erlangen, Germany, on 24 August 1894.
--1912-1914: studies at the Universities of Erlangen and Kiel
--1920: made a research assistant in physics at the School of Technology, Darmstadt
--1927-1933: lecturer at the Meteorological and Climatological Institute, University of Munich
--1927: publishes his Das Klima der Bodennahen Luftschicht
--1927: Ph.D., Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen
--1928-1935: works as an observer at the Bavarian State Weather Station
--1930-1939: co-editor of Handbuch der Klimatologie in Fünf Bänden, with W. P. Köppen,
--1937: made professor of forestry at Eberswalde
--1948: made professor of meteorology, climatology, and microclimatology at the University of Munich
--1950: publishes his The Climate Near the Ground
--1955: admitted to the German Academy of Naturalists Leopoldina
--dies at Munich, Germany, on 22 January 1981.

For Additional Information, See:

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