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Brooks, Charles Ernest Pelham (England 1888-1957)

There seems to have been little written about C. E. P. Brooks, apart from praise for (and oodles of citations to) his classic book Climate Through the Ages. Brooks was a career civil servant for the Meteorological Office in Britain, staying forty-one years and rising to the rank of Assistant Director in charge of the Climatological Division. In his most important study he used logical and mathematical arguments to support a geographical changes-based model of climate change; among other things, he pointed to the possible effects of both horizontal and vertical circulation of water in the oceans, evolving continental shapes and margins, and geotectonic episodes. An important application of this basic position was to a consideration of the reasons for the onset of the Ice Ages; regarding this, he denied any role to astronomical forces.

Life Chronology

--born in 1888.
--1922: publishes his The Evolution of Climate
--1926: publishes his Climate Through the Ages
--1928-1932: secretary of the Royal Meteorological Society; later serves as vice-president
--1931: receives the Buchan Prize of the Royal Meteorological Society
--1953: publishes his Handbook of Statistical Methods in Meteorology, with N. B. Carruthers
--1954: publishes his The English Climate
--dies at Ferring, Sussex, on 14 December 1957.

For Additional Information, See:

--Meteorological Magazine, Vol. 122(1457) (1993): 320.
--Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 3 (1957): 322.

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