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Visher, Stephen Sargent (United States 1887-1967)
physical geography

Stephen Visher might simply be referred to as a "geographer" (as opposed to a "physical geographer"), as his studies embraced both the human and physical sides of the field. But he is probably best known as a climatologist, and secondly as an investigator of everything geographical about the state of Indiana. In his early years Visher published a good many notes and papers on flora and fauna as well, including some biogeographical analyses. As a climatologist he is perhaps most associated with his many studies on tropical cyclones. Visher produced several hundred published works, including over a dozen books.

Life Chronology

--born in Chicago, Illinois, on 15 December 1887.
--1905-1906: teaches at a rural school in Sanborn County, South Dakota
--1907: hired by Henry C. Cowles to assist in a botanical expedition in southern Alaska
--1909: B.S., University of Chicago
--1910: M.S. in geology, University of Chicago
--1910: appointed as instructor at the University of South Dakota; also appointed as Assistant State Geologist
--1912: M.A. in zoology, University of South Dakota
--1914: Ph.D. in geography, University of Chicago
--1914-1919: works for several schools and government agencies
--1919: hired as assistant professor, Indiana University
--1919-1943: associated with the Indiana Geological Survey
--1920-1922: receives post-doctoral fellowships from Yale University; involved in field research in climatology in several locations worldwide
--1925: publishes his Tropical Cyclones of the Pacific
--1931: vice-president, Association of American Geographers
--1936: advanced to full professor, Indiana University
--1944: publishes his Climate of Indiana
--1948: receives the Distinguished Service Award from the National Council for Geographic Education
--1950: president, Indiana Academy of Science
--1954: publishes his Climatic Atlas of the United States
--1957: made "research professor" at Indiana University
--1958: receives the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Association of American Geographers
--1958: retires from Indiana University
--dies at Bloomington, Indiana, on 25 October 1967.

For Additional Information, See:

--National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Vol. 53 (1972).
--Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science, Vol. 77 (1968): 44-46.
--Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Vol. 61(2) (1971): 394-406.

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