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Brongniart, Adolphe-Théodore (France 1801-1876)
botany, paleobotany, systematics

Brongniart is often recognized as the "father of paleobotany," and as one of the most prominent botanists of the nineteenth century. While he is perhaps best known for his central role in clarifying the taxonomy of extinct forms, his work extended to many other areas of botany. Thus, he also did research on the sexual morphology of plants and their fertilization process, cytology (he was one of the first to routinely employ thin-sectioning as an analysis method), plant distribution, and the systematics of living plants. His plant classification system became the basis for the one later developed by Adolf Engler.

Life Chronology

--born in Paris, France, on 14 January 1801.
--1822: publishes his first important work in paleobotany
--1824: helps found the Annales des Sciences Naturelles
--1827: finishes his program in medicine; publishes an account of the development of pollen
--1828: publishes his Prodrome d'une Histoire des Végétaux Fossiles
--1828-1830: teaches medicine at the University of Paris
--1828-1837: publishes his Histoire des Végétaux Fossiles, in two volumes
--1833-1876: professor of botany at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris
--1834: becomes a member of the Académie des Sciences
--1849: publishes his Tableau des Genres de Végétaux Fossiles
--1854: founds and is first president of the Société Botanique de France
--dies at Paris, France, on 18 February 1876.

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