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Turesson, Göte Wilhelm (Sweden 1892-1970)
plant ecology & genetics


Turesson's fame rests on an impressive set of "common environment" experimental growth studies conducted over the period 1919-1927. At that time he became "a pioneer in the use of experimental methods to detect genetic differences between races of plant species that adapt them to different habitats. He coined two terms, ecotype and agamospecies, that are currently used widely by ecological geneticists and evolutionary botanists" (DSB, Vol. 18, p. 935).

Life Chronology

--born in Malmö, Sweden, on 6 April 1892.
--1914: B.S., University of Washington
--1915: M.S., University of Washington; returns to Sweden
--1916: begins studies on growth habits of plants
--1921: made docent in botany and genetics, University of Lund
--1922: publishes "The Species and the Variety as Ecological Units" in Hereditas
--1922: publishes "The Genotypical Response of the Plant Species to the Habitat" in Hereditas
--1922: Ph.D., University of Lund
--1922-1927: lecturer, University of Lund
--1925: publishes "The Plant Species in Relation to Habitat and Climate" in Hereditas
--1927-1931: conducts research at the plant breeding facility at Weibullsholm
--1931-1935: research docent at the University of Lund
--1935-1959: professor of botany and genetics at the Agricultural College of Uppsala University (after his attempt to secure a professorship at the University of Lund fails in 1935)
--dies at Uppsala, Sweden, on 30 December 1970.

For Additional Information, See:

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