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Wood, Albert Elmer (United States 1910-2002)
vertebrate paleontology

Albert Wood was an internationally known vertebrate paleontologist who specialized in the taxonomy and evolution of rodents. His 1950 paper "Porcupines, Paleogeography, and Parallelism" is a classic discussion of the evolution and historical biogeography of the hystricomorph rodents, and well illustrates why many workers were unwilling to recognize the likelihood of continental drift before the 1960s.

Life Chronology

--born in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, on 22 September 1910.
--1928, 1931-1932, 1935: takes part in paleontological expeditions in the western U. S.
--1930: B.S., Princeton University
--1932: M.A. in zoology, Columbia University
--1935: Ph.D. in geology, Columbia University
--1935: publishes "Evolution and Relationship of the Heteromyid Rodents with New Forms from the Tertiary of Western North America" in the Annals of the Carnegie Museum
--1935-1936: postdoctoral research at museums in Europe and the U. S.
--1936-1941: works as geologist for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
--1941-1946: serves in the military (U. S. Army); wins bronze star and purple heart
--1946-1948: assistant professor, biology department, Amherst College
--1948-1954: associate professor, biology department, Amherst College
--1954-1970: professor, biology department, Amherst College
--1955: publishes "A Revised Classification of the Rodents" in the Journal of Mammalogy
--1962-1966: chairman, biology department, Amherst College
--1960-1961: president, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
--1967-1968: president, Williston Academy, Easthampton, MA
--1970: retires from Amherst College and from the Army Reserves
--1972: visiting professor, University of California Berkeley
--1980: publishes his The Oligocene Rodents of North America
--1998: receives the Romer-Simpson medal from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
--dies at Cape May Court House, New Jersey, on 11 November 2002.

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