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Lönnberg, (Axel Johan) Einar (Sweden 1865-1942)
zoology, conservation

In his time one of the top zoologists in Europe, Lönnberg's systematic studies emphasized modern-day fish, birds, and mammals, but he also worked on herps, invertebrates and plants, and sometimes investigated paleontological subjects. In fact, in his Ibis obituary it was written "that since the days of Linnaeus hardly anyone has known so much about so many branches of zoology as Lönnberg." Geographically, also, his scope was worldwide, dealing both with collections produced by his own fieldwork, and the labors of others. Lönnberg was also an important early conservationist who worked for laws protecting reindeer and waterbirds, and who founded the influential journal Fauna och Flora in 1904.

Life Chronology

--born in Stockholm, Sweden, on 24 December 1865.
--1887: B.A., Uppsala University
--1890: M.A., Uppsala University
--1891: Ph.D., Uppsala University; made a Fellow of Zoology there
--1891-1903: works as an inspector for the Fisheries Service
--1892-1893: collecting expedition to Florida
--1899: collecting expedition to the Caspian Sea region
--1904: founds the journal Fauna och Flora
--1904-1933: head (professor) of the Vertebrate Department, Swedish Royal Natural History Museum, Stockholm
--1906: publishes his Contributions to the Fauna of South Georgia
--1910-1911: takes part in a collecting expedition to East Africa
--1911: publishes his Birds Collected by the Swedish Zoological Expedition to British East Africa, 1911
--1922: made an honorary member of the British Ornithologists' Union
--1922-1923: collecting expedition to Florida
--1925-1942: prefect of the Kristineberg Marine Zoological Station
--1927: publishes his Some Speculations on the Origin of the North American Ornithic Fauna
--dies at Stockholm on 21 November 1942.

For Additional Information, See:

--Kungl. Lantbruksakademien Tidskrift, Vol. 81(6) (1942): 492-493.
--The Ibis, Vol. 85 (1943): 352-354.
--Fauna och Flora 1942 (5-6): 193-200.

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