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Campbell, Douglas Houghton (United States 1859-1953)

Campbell's nearly two hundred publications derive ultimately from his consuming interest in the manner of evolution of the lower plants. Inspired as a youth by Wallace's The Malay Archipelago, Campbell set a course through the University of Michigan that eventually landed him a teaching position at Indiana University, where he came to the notice of David Starr Jordan. When Jordan left to take the first presidency at Stanford University Campbell followed and quickly established himself there, pursuing laboratory and field researches (especially in Indonesia) designed to investigate the phyletic origins of the land flora. He was aided in such investigations by his superior microscopal technique, gained partly through special studies in Germany in the late 1880s. Campbell's morphological analyses resulted in some lasting conclusions (for example, his linking of the ferns and liverworts through the genus Anthoceros); he became most widely known, however, through writing several successful textbooks that admirably related his more special interests to ecological and phytogeographical contexts.

Life Chronology

--born in Detroit, Michigan, on 16 December 1859.
--1882: M.A., University of Michigan
--1882-1886: botany teacher, Detroit High School
--1886: Ph.D. in botany, University of Michigan
--1886-1888: studies microscopic techniques in Germany
--1891: professor of botany, Indiana University
--1891-1925: head of the botany department, Stanford University
--1895: publishes his The Structure & Development of Mosses & Ferns (Archegoniatae)
--1899: publishes his Lectures on the Evolution of Plants
--1902: publishes his A University Text-book of Botany
--1906, 1912-1913, 1914: botanical collecting in the Dutch East Indies
--1910: made a member of the American Academy of Sciences
--1911: publishes his Plant Life and Evolution
--1913: president, Botanical Society of America
--1925: retires, but continues at Stanford as emeritus professor
--1926: publishes his An Outline of Plant Geography
--1930: president, Pacific section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
--1932: LL.D., University of Michigan
--1940: publishes his The Evolution of Land Plants (Embryophyta)
--dies at Palo Alto, California, on 24 February 1953.

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