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Metcalf, Maynard Mayo (United States 1868-1940)
zoology, evolutionary biology

Metcalf was an invertebrate zoologist whose attention shifted over the years from an early interest in gastropods and tunicates to a later one in opalinid protozoans. Most of his publications concerned these groups' morphology, life history, and embryology, but he was also interested in the evolutionary implications of protozoology, especially as related to parasitism. In this connection he published a number of works exploring the use of host associations in understanding zoogeographic contexts. His researches turned him into a somewhat lukewarm supporter of the theory that certain now-fallen intercontinental land bridges might once have existed.

Life Chronology

--born in Elyria, Ohio, on 12 March 1868.
--1889: A.B., Oberlin College
--1893: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
--1893-1897: associate professor of biology, Goucher College
--1896-1932: trustee of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
--1897-1906: professor of biology, Goucher College
--1904: publishes his An Outline of the Theory of Organic Evolution
--1906-1914: professor of zoology, Oberlin College
--1907-1908: zoological studies in Germany and Italy
--1914: honorary Sc.D., Oberlin College
--1914-1924: conducts private research in California, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and South America
--1917: president, American Society of Zoologists
--1918: president, Ohio Academy of Science
--1923: president, zoological section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
--1924-1925: chairman, division of biology and agriculture, National Research Council
--1925: takes part as expert witness in the Scopes evolution trial
--1926-1933: professor of zoology and research associate, Johns Hopkins University
--dies at Winter Park, Florida, on 19 April 1940.

For Additional Information, See:

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--Science, Vol. 91(2369) (1940): 494-495.

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