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Watt, Alexander Stuart (Scotland-England 1892-1985)
plant ecology


A. S. Watt is most remembered for his strikingly successful address "Pattern and Process in the Plant Community," which related mosaic conditions of community growth to dynamic cyclic processes in the environment. Watt already had built up a considerable reputation for his earlier studies on British woodlands, which relayed his interest both in the mechanics of community development and their causal basis; e.g., as related to the competitive strategies of dominant species, and correlations with particular soil types.

Life Chronology

--born near Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on 21 June 1892.
--1913: B.A. and B.Sc., Aberdeen University
--1915-1916: lecturer in forest botany and forest zoology, Aberdeen University
--1916-1918: serves in World War I
--1919: B.A., Cambridge University
--1923: Ph.D., Cambridge University
--1929: made lecturer in forestry, Cambridge University
--1932-1935, 1937-1940: council member, British Ecological Society
--1933-1959: lecturer in botany, Cambridge University
--1938-1949: honorary treasurer, British Ecological Society
--1946-1947: president, British Ecological Society
--1947: publishes "Pattern and Process in the Plant Community" in the Journal of Ecology
--1950: takes sabbatical in Australia
--1955: publishes "Bracken versus Heather, A Study in Plant Sociology" in the Journal of Ecology
--1957: made a fellow of the Royal Society
--1963: visiting professor at the University of Colorado
--1965: visiting professor at the University of Khartoum
--1975: receives the gold medal of the Linnean Society
--dies at Cambridge, England, on 2 March 1985.

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