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Egler, Frank Edwin (United States 1911-1996)
botany, ecology, conservation

Frank Egler's career as a prolific writer (numerous monographs and over four hundred articles and reviews) and administrator concentrated on various aspects of ecology and vegetation management and conservation. Some of the subjects he addressed included species acclimatization, ecological right-of-way, landscape ecology and management, and natural areas development. For many years he was associated with Aton Forest, Norfolk, Connecticut.

Life Chronology


--born in New York City, on 26 April 1911.
--1932: B.S., University of Chicago
--1934: M.S., University of Minnesota
--1936: Ph.D., Yale University
--1936-1937: research fellow, Yale
--1937-1944: assistant professor, New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse
--1941-1944: director, Chicle Development Company Experimental Station, Belize
--1941-1945: serves in the United States Air Force
--1945: makes Aton Forest, Norfolk, Connecticut, his primary residence
--1947-1948: associate professor, University of Connecticut
--1951-1955: research associate, Department of Conservation, American Museum of Natural History
--1954: publishes "Vegetation Science Concepts. 1. Initial Floristic Composition, a Factor in Old-field Vegetation Development" in Vegetatio
--1956-1958: Guggenheim fellow
--1962: visiting professor, Wesleyan University
--1963-1966: chairman, Right of Way Resources America
--1965: visiting professor, Yale University
--1970: publishes his The Way of Science; a Philosophy of Ecology for the Layman
--1975: publishes his The Plight of the Rightofway Domain: Victim of Vandalism
--1978: receives Ecological Society of America's Certificate of Merit
--1980-1986: advisor to the Electric Power Research Institute
--1990: founder, incorporator, and first president of Aton Forest, Inc.
--dies at North Canaan, Connecticut, on 26 December 1996.

For Additional Information, See:

--Taxonomic Literature, Supplement VI (2000)
--Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, Vol. 78(3) (1997): 193-194.

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