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Drude, (Carl Georg) Oscar (Germany 1852-1933)
botany, ecology, biogeography

Oscar Drude was an important early contributor to the development of plant ecology and geography.

Life Chronology

--born in Brunswick, Germany, on 5 June 1852.
--1870-1871: studies natural sciences and chemistry at the Collegium Carolinum, Brunswick
--1871-1873: studies at the University of Göttingen under Grisebach
--1873: Ph.D., University of Göttingen; made an assistant to Friedrich Bartling at the Göttingen herbarium
--1876-1879: lecturer in botany, University of Göttingen
--1879: made professor of botany at the Dresden Polytechnic and director of the Dresden Botanical Gardens
--1887: publishes his Atlas der Pflanzenverbreitung
--1890: publishes his Handbuch der Pflanzengeographie
--1890-1893: lays out new botanical gardens in Dresden
--1896-1928: co-edits (with A. Engler) Die Vegetation der Erde
--1906-1907, 1918-1919: serves as rector at Dresden
--1913: publishes his Die Ökologie der Pflanzen
--1920: made professor emeritus of botany, Dresden Polytechnic
--dies at Bühlau, near Dresden, Germany, on 1 February 1933.

For Additional Information, See:

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