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Hansen, Henry Paul (United States 1907-1989)
botany, palynology

Hansen spent almost all of his professional life at Oregon State University, where he began as an Instructor in Botany, but ended up as Dean of the Graduate School for over twenty years. Hansen was a forest paleoecologist whose research emphasized geochronology studies based on pollen analysis. Geographically, his focus was on northwestern North America environments.

Life Chronology

--born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, on 28 April 1907.
--1930: bachelor's degree, University of Wisconsin
--1931: master's degree, University of Wisconsin
--1932-1933: instructor in biology, Eastern Oregon College
--1933-1934: instructor in biology, Central State Teacher's College
--1934-1935: instructor in botany, Capital University
--1937-1938: instructor in botany, University of Wyoming
--1937: Ph.D., University of Washington
--1938-1939: research associate, University of Washington
--1939-1974: instructor to professor, Oregon State University
--1943-1944, 1947-1948: Guggenheim fellow
--1947: publishes his Postglacial Forest Succession, Climate, and Chronology in the Pacific Northwest
--1949-1974: dean of the graduate school, Oregon State University
--1949: receives the Mercer Award
--1953: president, Northwest Science Association
--1956: president, Oregon Academy of Science
--1960: president, Pacific division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
--1962: Fulbright fellow, University of Oslo
--1970-1971: vice-chairman, regional Accrediting Commission on Higher Education
--1974: made professor emeritus and dean emeritus, Oregon State University
--dies at Corvallis, Oregon, on 8 October 1989.

For Additional Information, See:

--Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Vol. 117(2) (1990): 176-177.

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