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Moyle, John Briggs (United States 1909-1977)
aquatic biology, conservation

John B. Moyle worked for Minnesota's State Department of Conservation, where he was a biologist and research supervisor, through the middle period of the twentieth century. Over an active career spanning some forty years he published a goodly number of wildlife and vegetation guides, systematic keys, and popular works. American Men and Women of Science listed the following as his research interests: "systematics and ecology of water plants; water chemistry of Minnesota; fish and wildlife populations and yields; plankton of Minnesota; large aquatic plants of Minnesota and factors determining their distribution; wild rice."

Life Chronology

--born in Union Grove, Wisconsin, on 12 April 1909.
--1933: B.A., University of Minnesota
--1933-1938: assistant botanist, University of Minnesota
--1938: Ph.D. in botany, University of Minnesota
--1938-1952: aquatic biologist, State Department of Conservation, Minnesota
--1952-1956: fisheries research supervisor, DOC, Minnesota
--1956-1966: wildlife research supervisor, DOC, Minnesota
--1964: publishes his Northern Non-woody Plants
--1966: made technical assistant to the director of DOC, Minnesota
--1977: publishes his Northland Wild Flowers, with E. W. Moyle
--dies in 1977.

For Additional Information, See:

--The Writings of John B. Moyle: A Conservation Anthology (1981).

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