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Tate, Ralph (England-Australia 1840-1901)
geology, botany


Ralph Tate's formal education emphasized mining studies, but by the time he emigrated to Australia in 1875 he had also developed a solid reputation as an invertebrate paleontologist, and published several botanical works besides. In Australia his interests further diversified; in addition to producing important work on the Tertiary stratigraphy of South Australia, he released some forty works on botanical subjects, another twenty or so on zoological subjects, and further studies on physical geography and economic and descriptive geology. Tate also played an important role in the professionalization of Australian science through his leadership of various institutions, support of field studies, and teaching at the University.

Life Chronology

--born in Alnwick, Northumberland, England, on 11 March 1840.
--educated at the Cheltenham Training College, and Royal School of Mines, London
--1861: hired to teach natural science at the Philosophical Institution in Belfast
--1863: founds the Belfast Naturalists' Field Club
--1864: made assistant curator of the museum of the Geological Society of London
--1867-1868: mining investigations in Venezuela and Central America
--1871-1874: teaches at mining schools
--1875-1901: occupies the Elder chair of natural science at the University of Adelaide, Australia
--1880: chief founder of the Royal Society of South Australia; becomes its first president
--1888: president, biological section, annual meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science
--1893: president, annual meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, Adelaide
--1894: takes part in the Horn expedition to Central Australia
--dies at North Adelaide, South Australia, on 20 September 1901.

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