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Sclater, William Lutley (England 1863-1944)

Sclater is rarely remembered today, and even then usually in connection with his more famous father Philip Lutley Sclater. But in his own time he had a very successful career both as a naturalist and as a museum director. He was best known as an ornithologist, especially for his solid studies on African birds, but he also worked on mammals, and served as an effective museum administrator in India, Colorado, and South Africa. At the age of eighty Sclater was killed as a result of injuries sustained from the explosion of a German V1 "flying bomb" in London.

Life Chronology

--born on 23 September 1863.
--1885: M.A., Keble College, Oxford
--1886: demonstrator in zoology, University College, London; collecting expedition to British Guiana
--1887: demonstrator in zoology, Cambridge University
--1887-1891: deputy superintendent of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
--1891-1895: assistant master, Eton College
--1896-1906: (first) director of the South African Museum, Cape Town
--1899: publishes his The Geography of Mammals, with P. L. Sclater
--1906-1909: director of the Colorado College Museum
--1909-1944: staff member of the Natural History Museum, London
--1912: publishes his A History of the Birds of Colorado
--1913-1930: editor of Ibis
--1919-1920: takes a trip around the world, visiting museums
--1921-1938: editor of the Zoological Record
--1924, 1930: publishes his Systema Avium Aethiopicarum
--1928-1933: president, British Ornithologists' Union
--1928-1944: chairman, British Ornithologists' Union List Committee
--1930: receives the Godman-Salvin gold medal from the British Ornithologists' Union
--1931-1943: secretary, Royal Geographical Society
--1935: trip to the West Indies
--dies at London, England, on 7 July 1944.

For Additional Information, See:

--The Geographical Journal, Vol. 104(1/2) (1944): 68-69.
--Nature, Vol. 154(3902) (1944): 204.
--Ibis, Vol. 87 (1945): 115-121.

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