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Brues, Charles Thomas (United States 1879-1955)

Brues was an entomologist whose research focused on descriptive biology, though as one obituary related, "Although most of his research was of a taxonomic nature, his investigations also included such diverse subjects as the ecology of thermophilous animals, the food and feeding habits of insects, insect paleontology, medical entomology, flourescent staining of insect tissues, and intracellular bacteroids of insects." Brues spent quite a bit of time in the field involved in such studies. He had a reputation as a sympathetic and encouraging teacher.

Life Chronology

--born in Wheeling, West Virginia, on 20 June 1879.
--1901: A.B., University of Texas
--1902: M.S., University of Texas
--1905-1909: curator of invertebrate zoology, Milwaukee Public Museum
--1909: becomes instructor in economic entomology, Harvard University
--1910-1947: editor of the journal Psyche
--1911-1912: collecting expedition to Jamaica
--1913: collecting expedition to Peru and Ecuador
--1915: publishes his A Key to the Families of North American Insects, with A. L. Melander
--1926-1927: collecting expedition to Cuba
--1927: publishes "Animal Life in Hot Springs" in Quarterly Review of Biology
--1929: president, Entomological Society of America
--1935: advanced to professor of entomology, Harvard
--1937: collecting expedition to the East Indies
--1946: made professor emeritus
--dies at Crescent City, Florida, on 22 July 1955.

For Additional Information, See:

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