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Seward, Albert Charles (England 1863-1941)

Seward led a pretty typical life--that is, for an individual who had excelled to the extent of reaching the top of his profession. By all accounts he was the consummate academician: not only did his early work on fossil plants earn him admittance to the Royal Society at the young age of thirty-five, but he was also much involved in the process of education, both as a personal advisor and college and departmental administrator, and as a writer of educational materials and professional society member and advocate. He is best known scientifically for his work in paleobotany (mostly on Mesozoic period units), in which he displayed a greater interest in communicating the broad picture than on dwelling on minutia.

Life Chronology

--born in Lancaster, England, on 9 October 1863.
--1885-1886: obtains first class honors at Cambridge University
--1886: begins his study of paleobotany
--1890-1906: lecturer in botany, Cambridge
--1894-1895: publishes his The Wealden Flora in two volumes
--1898: admitted to the Royal Society of London
--1898-1919: publishes his Fossil Plants in four volumes
--1900-1904: publishes his The Jurassic Flora in two volumes
--1906-1936: professor of botany, Cambridge
--1915-1936: Master of Downing College, Cambridge
--1922-1924: president, Geological Society of London
--1924-1926: Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge
--1925: awarded the Royal medal of the Royal Society
--1930: president, Fifth International Botanical Congress
--1930: awarded the Wollaston medal of the Geological Society
--1931: president, International Union of Biological Sciences
--1931: publishes his Plant Life Through the Ages
--1934: awarded the Darwin medal of the Royal Society
--1936: knighted
--1939: president, British Association for the Advancement of Science
--dies at Oxford, England, on 11 April 1941.

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