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Livingston, Burton Edward (United States 1875-1948)
physiological ecology

Livingston was among the foremost plant physiologists of his time; some sources even credit him with having been the single leading force in the professionalization of that subject through his efforts at Johns Hopkins. He was especially known for his researches on the physiological ecology of desert plants, which gave due attention to all kinds of relevant forces and results: temperature and temperature change, plant transpiring power, climatological and meteorological periodicities, nutrient supply, oxygen delivery characteristics of soils, seed survival under varying conditions, the effects of wind and light, water availability, etc., etc. Livingston's research extended to both field and laboratory settings, and he was especially adept at devising instrumentation--much of it still known today--to meet his investigative needs.

Life Chronology

--born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 9 February 1875.
--1898: B.S., University of Michigan
--1901: Ph.D., University of Chicago
--1901-1905: works as a plant physiologist for the University of Chicago
--1903: publishes his The Role of Diffusion and Osmotic Pressure in Plants; receives the Walker Prize from the Boston Society of Natural History
--1906-1909: works at the Desert Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, at Tucson
--1909-1940: professor of plant physiology, Johns Hopkins University
--1913-1923: managing editor of Physiological Researches
--1913-1940: director of the laboratory of plant physiology, Johns Hopkins University
--1918: edits the English translation of Vladimir Palladin's Plant Physiology
--1920-1934: secretary, American Association for the Advancement of Science
--1920-1944: member of the executive committee of the AAAS
--1921: publishes his The Distribution of Vegetation in the United States, with Forrest Shreve
--1934: president, American Society of Naturalists
--1935: president, American Society of Plant Physiologists
--1946: awarded the American Society of Plant Physiologists' Stephen Hales prize
--dies at Baltimore, Maryland, on 8 February 1948.

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