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Marshall, Sheina Macalister (Scotland 1896-1977)
marine biology

Sheina Marshall's career as a marine biologist led her to become a well known authority on two interrelated subjects: the physiology and life history of copepods (especially the genus Calanus), and the characteristics of marine productivity. Her long-term collaboration with the chemist A. P. Orr led to a series of publications concerning food chain relationships, the influence of changes in the physical environment on copepod populations, and the characteristics of photosynthesis in phytoplankton.

Life Chronology

--born in Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Scotland, on 20 April 1896.
--1914: enters Glasgow University
--1915: studies interrupted by World War I
--1919: B.Sc. with distinction, Glasgow University
--1920-1922: supported by a university Carnegie fellowship; works with J. G. Kerr
--1922: takes job at a laboratory facility run by the Scottish Marine Biological Association
--1923-1962: collaborates with Andrew P. Orr on marine productivity studies
--1928-1929: member of the Great Barrier Reef Expedition
--World War II: engaged in field surveys and laboratory work supporting the war effort
--1949: elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
--1955: publishes "On the Biology of Calanus finmarchicus. VIII.," with A. P. Orr
--1955: publishes her The Biology of a Marine Copepod, with A. P. Orr
--1963: elected a fellow of the Royal Society
--1966: made an OBE
--1970-1971: works at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in California
--1973: publishes "Respiration and Feeding in Copepods" in Advances in Marine Biology
--1974: visiting worker, Villefranche laboratory
--dies at Millport, Scotland, on 7 April 1977.

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