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Smith, Hugh McCormick (United States 1865-1941)
ichthyology, fisheries science

H. M. Smith is most remembered for his days as a powerful administrator in the Bureau of Fisheries. Smith ran the agency in good part as a scientific research body, eventually running afoul of the Harding administration and his immediate boss, Herbert Hoover, who wanted to see a more applied approach taken. Smith was finally obliged to resign in 1921, and after he was actually released in 1922 moved to Thailand as a fisheries consultant. Smith published some three hundred works, including around one hundred on fisheries science; the rest were devoted to a mix of subjects focusing primarily on ichthyology (including a good deal of systematics and natural history).

Life Chronology

--born in Washington, D.C., on 21 November 1865.
--graduates from high school
--1884-1885: works as assistant in the National Museum
--1886: joins the U. S. Fish Commission, working under Spencer Baird
--1888: finishes M.D., Georgetown University
--1888-1905: teaches at the Georgetown University Medical School
--1893-1897: assistant in charge, U. S. Fish Commission
--1895-1902: professor of normal histology, Georgetown University Medical School
--1898: secretary, National Fishery Congress
--1900: U. S. representative at the First International Fishery Congress, Paris
--1901-1902: director, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
--1903: spends six months in Japan studying fisheries there
--1903-1913: deputy commissioner, Bureau of Fisheries
--1905: represents the U. S. at the Third International Fishery Congress, Vienna
--1907: publishes his The Fishes of North Carolina
--1907-1910: director of the Albatross fisheries and marine resources expedition to the Philippines
--1909-1919: associate editor, National Geographic Society
--1912: U. S. representative, Permanent International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
--1913-1922: commissioner of fisheries, Bureau of Fisheries
--1923-1935: lives and works in Thailand as special fisheries advisor to the Siam government
--1935-1941: associate curator in zoology, Smithsonian Institution
--dies at Washington, D.C., on 28 September 1941.
--1945: his The Fresh-water Fishes of Siam, or Thailand is published posthumously

For Additional Information, See:

--Science, Vol. 94(2443) (1941): 381-382.
--Copeia, (4) (1941): 194-209.
--The Progressive Fish-Culturist, No. 55 (1941): 23-24.

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