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Good, Ronald D'Oyley (England 1896-1992)
botany, phytogeography

Good's last book, A Concise Flora of Dorset, was published in 1984 when he was 88. By then he was retired, of course, but he had previously been the head of the Department of Botany at the University of Hull for over thirty years. Good is probably best known for his textbook The Geography of Flowering Plants (which went through several editions), but he also wrote works on evolutionary philosophy (he promoted views of saltational evolution), economic botany, and local history-related subjects.

Life Chronology

--born 5 March 1896 in Dorchester, Dorset.
--1914-1918: serves in World War I, 4th Bn Dorset Regiment; wounded in action in France
--early 1920s: student at Cambridge University
--1922-1928: staff member, botany department, British Museum of Natural History
--1928-1959: head, Department of Botany, University of Hull
--1933: publishes his Plants and Human Economics
--1947: publishes first edition of his The Geography of Flowering Plants
--1956: publishes his Features of Evolution in the Flowering Plants
--1959: retures and is made professor emeritus, Department of Botany, University of Hull
--1981: publishes his The Philosophy of Evolution
--dies 11 December 1992, in Hull.

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