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Moore, John Alexander (United States 1915-2002)
zoology, science education

John Moore's early work emphasized amphibian embryology and development, a focus that led him on to a number of other subjects in genetics, geographic variation studies, physiological ecology, and even to an interest in, and faunal review of, eastern Australian frogs. Later work, after he moved to California, concentrated on Drosophila genetics. But Moore was best known as an educator: as a writer of highly successful texts at both college and secondary school levels, and as one of the nation's strongest voices for science education reform and scientific literacy. Moore's final book, published just before his death at age eighty-six, was a consideration of the creationism-evolution debate.

Life Chronology
--born in Charles Town, West Virginia, on 27 June 1915.
--1936: B.A., Columbia University
--1936-1939: assistant in the zoology department, Columbia University
--1939: M.A., Columbia University
--1939-1943: teaches zoology at Brooklyn College and Queens College
--1940: Ph.D., Columbia University
--1942-2002: research associate, American Museum of Natural History
--1943-1968: teaching biology at Barnard College
--1949-1952: chair of the zoology department, Columbia University
--1952-1953: spends Fulbright scholarship in Australia
--1957: publishes his Principles of Zoology
--1959: Guggenheim fellow
--1963: elected to the National Academy of Sciences; president, Society for the Study of Evolution
--1964: publishes his Physiology of the Amphibia
--1969-1982: professor of biology, University of California, Riverside
--1971-1973: chair, commission on science education, AAAS
--1974: president, American Society of Zoologists
--1979-1982: member, commission on human resources, National Research Council
--1991-1995: member, coordinating council for education, National Research Council
--1993: publishes his Science as a Way of Knowing: The Foundations of Modern Biology
--2002: publishes his From Genesis to Genetics: The Case of Evolution and Creationism
--dies at Riverside, California, on 26 May 2002.

For Additional Information, See:
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