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Berry, Edward Wilber (United States 1875-1945)
paleontology, botany

Paleobotanist and academic administrator Edward Berry worked in trades and the newspaper business until the age of thirty, when his growing reputation as an amateur scientist attracted attention and he was brought to Johns Hopkins University. There he advanced steadily as teacher, researcher, scientific editor (his journalism experience coming in handy), and then as an administrator. Berry's research focused on regional paleobotany, first of world and North American floras, later on those of South America. Far from being exercises in taxonomic compilation alone, his studies featured interpretive reconstructions of the paleoecology and phytogeography of the floras as well.

Life Chronology

--born in Newark, New Jersey, on 10 February 1875.
--1890-1897: works for a cotton goods company after graduating from high school
--1896: first publication in geology
--1897: becomes business manager of the Passaic Daily News, New Jersey
--1897-1905: works in the newspaper business, rising to president of News Publishing Co.
--1901: awarded Walker Prize, Boston Society of Natural History
--1906: made assistant, Dept. of Geology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
--1908-1910: instructor in paleontology, Johns Hopkins
--1910-1913: associate in paleobotany, Johns Hopkins
--1913-1917: associate professor, paleobotany, Johns Hopkins
--1916: publishes his The Lower Eocene Floras of Southeastern North America
--1917-1943: professor, paleobotany, Johns Hopkins
--1917: senior geologist, U.S. Geological Survey
--1919: co-leader, Johns Hopkins George H. Williams Memorial Expedition, Andes Mountains
--1927: geological expedition to Peru and Ecuador
--1922: elected to the National Academy of Sciences
--1924: publishes his The Middle and Upper Eocene Floras of Southeastern North America
--1924: president, Paleontological Society of America
--1929-1942: dean of arts and sciences, Johns Hopkins
--1930: awarded honorary doctorate by Lehigh University
--1933: geological expedition to Venezuela
--1935-1942: provost, Johns Hopkins
--1942: retires from Johns Hopkins as professor emeritus
--1944: receives Mary Clark Thompson Medal from the National Academy of Sciences
--1945: president, Geological Society of America
--dies at Stonington, Connecticut, on 20 September 1945.

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