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Russel Wallace : Alfred Russell Wallace (sic)

Bibliography Part I (cont.):
Papers, Essays, Reviews, Letters to the Editor, etc. (S219-S459: 1873-1892)

S219. Spiritualism and Science [lttE]. The Times (London) no. 27578: 10e (4 Jan. 1873).
--reprints: as 'Mr. A. R. Wallace on Spiritual Phenomena' in The Spiritualist (London) 3(5): 73 (15 Jan. 1873: no. 44); as part of article/N entitled 'The Times and Spiritualism' printed in The Medium and Daybreak (London) 5: 18b-19a (18a-19a) (10 Jan. 1873: no. 145); in German in Psychische Studien 1(4): 151-154 (April 1874); in German in Der Spiritismus im Lichte der Wahrheit by G. A. Lange (Übersinnlichen Welt, Berlin, 1904): 4-7; excerpts reprinted as 'Testimony of Mr. A. R. Wallace' in The Spiritualist (London) 3(20): 307-308 (1 Sept. 1873); as 'Experiences at a Séance' in Psychic Facts. A Selection From the Writings of Various Authors on Psychical Phenomena. ed. by W. H. Harrison (W. H. Harrison, London, 1880): 80-82; as 'Letter of Mr. Alfred Russell Wallace' in The Spiritual Magazine 8 (n.s.): 67-70 (Feb. 1873); in 'Appendix to Chapter IX. Spiritualism and Science' in Glimpses of the Supernatural by Frederick George Lee (2 vols., H. S. King and Co., London, 1875), Vol. 2: 193-197.

S220. review [of The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals by Charles Darwin, 1872]. Quarterly Journal of Science 3 (n.s.; 10, o.s.): 113-118 (Jan. 1873: no. 37).

S220a. Mr. Wallace and The Zetetic [lttE]. The Zetetic: A Monthly Journal of Cosmographical Science 1(7): 56 (Jan. 1873). [contributed by John van Wyhe]

S220b. The Non-Convexity of Water [two lttE replying to comments by B. Charles Brough]. The Zetetic: A Monthly Journal of Cosmographical Science 1(7): 56-57, 57 (56-57) (Jan. 1873). [contributed by John van Wyhe]

S221. Modern Applications of the Doctrine of Natural Selection [review of Physics and Politics; Or, Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of "Natural Selection" and "Inheritance" to Political Society by Walter Bagehot, 1872; and Histoire des Sciences et des Savants depuis Deux Siècles Suivie d'Autres Études sur les Sujets Scientifiques en Particulier sur la Sélection dans l'Espèce Humaine by Alphonse de Candolle, 1873]. Nature 7: 277-279 (13 Feb. 1873: no. 172).
--reprint: as 'The Doctrine of Natural Selection' in Popular Science Monthly 3: 22-28 (May 1873).

S222. lttE [one of several printed as 'Inherited Feeling']. Nature 7: 303 (303) (20 Feb. 1873: no. 173).

S223. review [of Harvesting Ants and Trap-door Spiders. Notes and Observations on Their Habits and Dwellings. by J. Traherne Moggridge, 1873]. Nature 7: 337 (6 March 1873: no. 175).

S224. Cave-deposits of Borneo [lttE introducing remarks by A. Everett]. Nature 7: 461-462 (17 April 1873: no. 181).

S225. Disestablishment and Disendowment: With a Proposal for a Really National Church of England. Macmillan's Magazine 27: 498-507 (April 1873: no. 162).
--reprint: in SSS, Vol. 2: 235-253 (Nov. 1900).

S226. lttE [one of two printed as 'East India Museum']. Nature 8: 5 (5-6) (1 May 1873: no. 183).

S227. Perception and Instinct in the Lower Animals [lttE]. Nature 8: 65-66 (22 May 1873: no. 186).
--excerpts reprinted in My Life, Vol. 2: 391-392 (Oct. 1905).

S228. Perception and Instinct in the Lower Animals [lttE responding to comments by George Romanes]. Nature 8: 302 (14 Aug. 1873: no. 198).

S228a. The Challenge: Its Acceptance, Trial, and Postponement [a discussion of the arrangements for another Bedford Canal experiment, consisting of twenty-three letters (including five from Wallace) plus editorial comment]. The Zetetic and Anti-Theorist 2(6 & 7): 41-42, 42, 42, 42, 43 (41-47) (Aug. & Sept. 1873). [contributed by John van Wyhe]

S229. review [of Advanced Text-book of Physical Geography (2nd ed.) by David Page, 1873]. Nature 8: 358-361 (4 Sept. 1873: no. 201).

S230. review [of A History of the Birds of Europe, Parts 18, 19 & 20 by Henry E. Dresser; signed 'A. R. W.']. Nature 8: 380-381 (11 Sept. 1873: no. 202).

S231. Free-trade Principles and the Coal Question [lttE]. The Daily News (London) no. 8546: 6d-e (16 Sept. 1873).
--reprint: as 'Coal A National Trust' in SSS, Vol. 2: 138-144 (Nov. 1900).

S232. African Travel [review of The Lands of Cazembe. Lacerda's Journey to Cazembe in 1798, etc. translated and annotated by Capt. R. F. Burton and published by the Royal Geographical Society, 1873; and The African Sketch Book by Winwood Reade, 1873]. Nature 8: 429-431 (25 Sept. 1873: no. 204).

S233. Lyell's Antiquity of Man [review of The Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man (4th ed.) by Charles Lyell, 1873]. Nature 8: 462-464 (2 Oct. 1873: no. 205).

S234. A Primeval Race [review of A Phrenologist Amongst the Todas; Or, The Study of a Primitive Tribe in South India: History, Character, Customs, Religion, Infanticide, Polyandry, Language by William E. Marshall, 1873; anonymous, but listed in the bibliography of Marchant (1916), and mentioned in a letter (item WP7/42/3, Natural History Museum London)]. Athenaeum no. 2403: 624-625 (15 Nov. 1873).

S235. Meyer's Exploration of New Guinea [lttE]. Nature 9: 102 (11 Dec. 1873: no. 215).

S236. Limitation of State Functions in the Administration of Justice. Contemporary Review 23: 43-52 (Dec. 1873).
--revised version printed in SSS, Vol. 2: 150-166 (Nov. 1900).

S237. The Origin of Man and of Civilisation [review of Man and Apes: An Exposition of Structural Resemblances and Differences Bearing Upon Questions of Affinity and Origin by St. George Mivart, 1873; and 'On the Origin of Savage Life: Opening Address Read Before the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool, Oct. 6th, 1873' by Albert J. Mott, President]. Academy 5: 66-67 (17 Jan. 1874: no. 89).

S238. review [of The Naturalist in Nicaragua by Thomas Belt, 1873]. Nature 9: 218-221 (22 Jan. 1874: no. 221).

S239. review [of The Object and Method of Zoological Nomenclature by David Sharp, 1873]. Nature 9: 258-260 (5 Feb. 1874: no. 223).

S240. lttE [one of two printed as 'Animal Locomotion']. Nature 9: 301 (301) (19 Feb. 1874: no. 225).

S241. Animal Locomotion [lttE]. Nature 9: 403 (26 March 1874: no. 230).

S242. review [of Darwinism and Design; Or Creation by Evolution by George St. Clair, 1873; anonymous, but listed in the bibliography of Marchant (1916), and mentioned in a letter (item WP7/42/2, Natural History Museum London)]. Spectator 47: 535-536 (25 April 1874: no. 2391).

S243. A Defence of Modern Spiritualism. Fortnightly Review 15 (n.s.; 21, o.s.): 630-657 (1 May 1874: no. 89, n.s.) / A Defence of Modern Spiritualism. Part II. Spirit-photographs. Fortnightly Review 15 (n.s.; 21, o.s.): 785-807 (1 June 1874: no. 90, n.s.).
--reprints: Eclectic Magazine 20(2) (n.s.; 83(2), o.s.): 143-160 (Aug. 1874) / 20(3) (n.s.; 83(3), o.s.): 348-362 (Sept. 1874); Banner of Light (Boston) 35(10): 1a-d (6 June 1874) / 35(11): 1a-d (13 June 1874) / 35(12): 1a-d (20 June 1874) / 35(14): 1a-d, 2a (4 July 1874) / 35(15): 1a-d (11 July 1874); Religio-Philosophical Journal 16(18): 2, 6 (18 July 1874) / 16(20): 2 (1 Aug. 1874); as first part of pamphlet entitled Rise, Progress, and Defence of Modern Spiritualism (Dunedin, 1874): 2-39; reprinted with virtually no changes as pamphlet entitled A Defence of Modern Spiritualism. With a Preface by Epes Sargent. (Colby & Rich, Boston, July 1874; pp. (i)-iv, (5)-63) [known reprints: 6th ed. (1882); 7th ed. (1894); 9th ed. (Banner of Light Publishing Co., Boston, 1900)]; expanded version printed in On Miracles and Modern Spiritualism: 139-223 (March 1875). [excerpts, summaries, etc., under various titles: The Spiritualist (London) 4(19): 220-221 (8 May 1874) / 5(5): 53-55 (31 July 1874); Every Saturday 2 (4th s.), no. 1: 16-19 (4 July 1874); in German as 'Eine Vertheidigung des modernen Spiritualismus' in Psychische Studien 2: 49-57, 113-119, 151-158, 208-215, 254-261 (Februar-Juni 1875); Spiritual Magazine 9 (n.s.): 241-244 (June 1874) / 289-299 (July 1874); extract printed as 'Immortality' in Rifts in the Veil (W. H. Harrison, London, 1878): 189-190]

S244. Migration of Birds [lttE]. Nature 10: 459 (8 Oct. 1874: no. 258).
--miscellaneous reprints and excerpts: My Life (S729), Vol. 2: 392-393 (Oct. 1905); Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th ed., Vol. 3 [under 'Birds'] (1888): 767; Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th ed., Vol. 18 [under 'Migration'] (1911): 434; in A Dictionary of Birds by Alfred Newton (A. & C. Black, Edinburgh, 1893-1896): 556; in 'Origin of the Instinct of Migration in Birds' by J. A. Allen, in Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club 5 (1880): 151; in Problems of Bird-migration by A. L. Thomson (H. F. & G. Witherby, London, 1926): 274-275; in Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India, 4th ed., by Augustus Le Messurier (W. Thacker, London, 1904): 37-38; in Habit and Instinct by C. Lloyd Morgan (E. Arnold, London, 1896): 259-260; in Mental Evolution in Animals by George J. Romanes (D. Appleton and Co., New York, 1884): 288-289; in Our Earth and Its Story by Robert Brown (Cassell & Co., London, 1889): 16-17; in Studies in Bird Migration, Vol. 1, by W. E. Clarke (Gurney and Jackson, London, 1912): 18-19; in The Naturalist in Manchuria by Arthur de Carle Sowerby (Tientsin Press, Tientsin, 1922-1930), Vol 2-3: 111; in The Wonder of Life by J. A. Thomson (A. Melrose, London, 1914): 179-180; in The Foundations of Zoölogy by W. K. Brooks (Macmillan, London, 1899): 113-114; etc.

S245. Automatism of Animals [lttE]. Nature 10: 502-503 (22 Oct. 1874: no. 260).
--reprint: The English Mechanic and World of Science no. 502: 202 (6 Nov. 1874). [contributed by John van Wyhe]

S246. On the Arrangement of the Families Constituting the Order Passeres. Ibis 4 (3rd s.): 406-416 (Oct. 1874: no. 16, 3rd s.).

S246a. Vorwort. to Die Wissenschaftliche Ansicht der Uebernatürlichen [German edition of The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural, translated by Gregor C. Wittig and edited by Alexander N. Aksákow; in part based on 'Note A,' added to p. 360 of the 1871 (2nd) edition of CTNS; in part incorporated into the Preface to On Miracles and Modern Spiritualism (1875); dated Januar 1874] (Oswald Mutze, Leipzig, 1874): (v)-x. [contributed by Dirk Backenkoehler]

S247. review [of Supplement to Harvesting Ants and Trap-door Spiders by J. Traherne Moggridge, 1874; signed 'A. R. W.']. Nature 11: 245-246 (28 Jan. 1875: no. 274).

S248. Acclimatisation. in Encyclopædia Britannica (9th ed., 25 vols., Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh, 1875-1889), Vol. 1: 84-90 (Jan. 1875). also in reprinted editions, 1890, with same pagination.
--reprint: revised version printed as 'Acclimatization' in Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed., 29 vols., Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 1910-1911), Vol. 1: 114-119 (Appendix by Frank Finn completing the entry follows on pp. 119-121) (1910).

S248ab. Letter from Mr. Wallace. The Essex Herald (Chelmsford) no. 3925: 6c-6d (23 Feb. 1875).
--reprinted in 'The Shape of the Earth. Our Late Interview with Mr. Hampden in the Gaol.' ['Letter from Mr. Wallace' included with two others under this title]. The Chelmsford Chronicle no. 5750: 4e (4e-f) (26 Feb. 1875).

S248ad. Mr. Wallace and Mr. Hampden [lttE]. The Daily News (London) no. 9010: 3b. (11 March 1875).

S248a. The Libel Case.--Summary Punishment. [article/N including transcript of Wallace's testimony in the John Hampden libel trial]. The Chelmsford Chronicle 12 March 1875: 7f-g. [contributed by John van Wyhe]

S248b. The Hampden-Wallace Libel Case [lttE concerning the John Hampden libel trial]. The Chelmsford Chronicle 19 March 1875: 4g-5a. [contributed by John van Wyhe]

S248c. The Antiquity of Man [portion of a letter to C. A. Wilson reported under this title as part of an article/N entitled 'Adelaide Philosophical Society']. South Australian Register no. 8871: 5f (5f-6c) (21 April 1875).

S249. review [of A History of the Birds of Europe, Parts 35 & 36 by Henry E. Dresser; signed 'A. R. W.']. Nature 11: 485-486 (22 April 1875: no. 286).

S250. review [of Wanderings in the Interior of New Guinea by John A. Lawson, 1875]. Nature 12: 83-84 (3 June 1875: no. 292).

S251. Wallace and Spiritualism [note/N concerning Wallace's continuing interest in spiritualism, including extract from a 2 May 1875 letter to Colonel Henry S. Olcott regarding Olcott's dedication of his book People From the Other World to Wallace and William Crookes]. The Daily Graphic (New York) 7: 631e (22 May 1875: no. 687).
--reprints: Banner of Light (Boston) 37(10): 2e (5 June 1875); Spiritual Scientist 2(12): 142 (27 May 1875); in 'Great Theosophists: I. Scientists' by J. L. Davidge in The Theosophist 63(9): 201 (196-208) (June 1942); extract reprinted as 'Alfred Russel Wallace to H. S. Olcott 1875' in The Theosophist 53(11): 494 (Aug. 1932).

S252. review [of The Handy-book of Bees; Being a Practical Treatise on Their Profitable Management (2nd ed.) by A. Pettigrew, 1875; and A Manual of Bee-keeping by John Hunter, 1874; signed 'A. R. W.']. Nature 12: 395 (9 Sept. 1875: no. 306).

S252a. Peach-house Borders [brief request for information; signed 'A. R. W.' and probably Wallace]. The Garden 8: 353b (23 Oct. 1875: no. 205).

S252b. River Scene, Java. in Treasure Spots of the World. A Selection of the Chief Beauties and Wonders of Nature and Art. ed. by Walter B. Woodbury (Ward, Lock, and Tyler, London, 1875): 2 unnumbered pages, plus photograph by W. B. Woodbury on third unnumbered page. [contributed by John van Wyhe]

S252c. documents [dated 3 March 1870 and 7 March 1870, concerning plans for the Bedford Canal experiment; included in a summary/N of later court actions taking place on 12 and 16 Nov. 1875 and 17 Jan. 1876; other items in the transcript previously identified here as S179aa and S202]. The Law Times 33 (n.s.): 853 (852-858) (26 Feb. 1876).
--another summary/N printed in Law Journal Reports 45 (n.s.): 238-244 (1876).

S253. review [of Lessons From Nature, As Manifested in Mind and Matter by St. George Mivart, 1876]. Academy 9: 562-563 (10 June 1876: no. 214, n.s.) / Academy 9: 587-588 (17 June 1876: no. 215, n.s.).

S254. review [of Notes on Collecting and Preserving Natural-history Objects ed. by John E. Taylor, 1876]. Nature 14: 168 (22 June 1876: no. 347).

S255. A Sitting With Dr. Slade. The Spiritualist (London) 9(4): 42 (25 Aug. 1876).
--reprints: as part of 'The Testimony of Professor Wallace' by "Experience" in North Cheshire Herald 2 Sept. 1876: 6f (6f-g); partial reprint, untitled, in The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism by Epes Sargent (Colby & Rich, Boston, 1880): 44; excerpt included in note/N entitled 'Author of Miracles and Modern Spiritualism on Dr. Slade's Mediumship' in The Medium and Daybreak (London) 7: 583a-b (15 Sept. 1876: no. 337).

S256. Geographical Distribution of Animals [lttE correcting error made by a reviewer; dated 29 Aug. 1876, Rosehill, Dorking]. Athenaeum no. 2549: 311 (2 Sept. 1876).

S257. Address [given in Glasgow on 6 Sept. 1876 as President of Section D, Biology, of the BAAS; divided into parts entitled 'On Some Relations of Living Things to Their Environment' and 'Rise and Progress of Modern Views as to the Antiquity and Origin of Man']. in "Notices and Abstracts of Miscellaneous Communications to the Sections" portion of the Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 46 (1876) (John Murray, London, 1877): 100-119 (first part: 101-110; second part: 110-119).
--reprints: as 'Opening Address by the President, Alfred Russel Wallace' in Nature 14: 403-412 (7 Sept. 1876: no. 358); as 'Address at the Glasgow Meeting of the British Association, by Alfred Russel Wallace, President of the Section of Biology' in American Journal of Science 12 (3rd s.): 354-385 (Nov. 1876: no. 71, 3rd s.); as 'Surface Biology' in The Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions (London) 7: 332-334, 355-358, 373-374, 395-398 (31 Oct. 1876 through 11 Nov. 1876); as 'Address of A. R. Wallace Before the British Association' in Forest and Stream 7(19, 20, 21, 22, 23): 292b-c, 309a-b, 324a-b, 341b-342a, 356c-357a (14 Dec. 1876 through 11 Jan. 1877); as Essay VII, 'By-paths in the Domain of Biology,' in TNOE: 249-303 (April 1878); extract from first part printed as 'Superiority of Sense-Perception in Black Races' in The Independent (New York) 28: 26c-d (19 Oct. 1876: no. 1455); extract from first part printed as 'Sense-Perception in Black Races' in The Phrenological Journal and Science of Health 79(3): 163-164 (September 1884); extract from first part printed as 'The Peculiar Relations of Plants and Insects as Exhibited in Islands' in The Entomologist 9: 221-229 (Oct. 1876: no. 160); second part reprinted as 'Difficulties of Development as Applied to Man' in Popular Science Monthly 10: 60-72 (Nov. 1876); second part reprinted as 'The Antiquity and Origin of Man' in NSTN: 416-432 (May 1891); second part reprinted in French as 'La Civilisation Préhistorique' in La Revue Scientifique 11 (2e s.): 529-536 (2 Décembre 1876).

S257b. The Immediate Relief of Bulgaria [lttE]. The Daily News (London) no. 9479: 2e (8 Sept. 1876).
--reprint: The Western Daily Press (Bristol) no. 5707: 3c (9 Sept. 1876).

S258. The British Association at Glasgow [text of the discussion of Prof. William F. Barrett's paper on spiritualism read at the 11 Sept. 1876 meeting of the Dept. of Anthropology, Section D, Biology, of the BAAS, with the remarks of Wallace as Chair of the session]. The Spiritualist (London) 9(8): 88-94 (22 Sept. 1876). [extract here]
--another account including a summary of Barrett's paper as well as text of the discussion following its presentation printed as 'Spiritualism at the British Association.--Meeting at Glasgow.' in The Medium and Daybreak (London) 7: 594b-598a (22 Sept. 1876: no. 338).

S258aa. discussion/N [of 'On the Origin of Instinct,' a paper by Rev. Dr. J. M'Cann read in Dundee at the 13(?) Sept. 1876 meeting of Section D, Biology, of the BAAS; part of an article/N entitled 'The British Association']. The Dundee Courier & Argus (Dundee, Scotland) no. 7221: 4a (4a-4b) (14 Sept. 1876).

S258a. discussion/N [of 'The Rodiyas of Ceylon,' a paper by Bertram F. Hartshorne read in Glasgow at the early Sept. 1876 meeting of the Dept. of Anthropology, Section D, Biology, of the BAAS]. Nature 14: 488 (28 Sept. 1876: no. 361).

S259. lttE [dated 18 Sept., Glasgow; one of several printed as 'A Spirit Medium']. The Times (London) no. 28738: 4f (4f) (19 Sept. 1876).
--reprints: as part of article/N entitled 'Spiritualism and the Newspapers' in The Spiritualist (London) 9(8): 96 (96) (22 Sept. 1876); with other letters in 'The Times Controversy on the Mediumship of Dr. Slade' in The Spiritualist (London) 9(9): 105-106 (104-108) (29 Sept. 1876); with other letters in 'Letters and Comments on the Glasgow Discussion' in The Medium and Daybreak (London) 7: 598b (598a-599b) (22 Sept. 1876: no. 338); with other letters as 'Controversy Concerning Dr. Slade' in Banner of Light (Boston) 40(2): 8a (8a-b) (7 Oct. 1876).

S260. Erratum in Mr. Wallace's Address [lttE]. Nature 14: 473 (28 Sept. 1876: no. 361).

S261. Evidence of Mr. A. R. Wallace, President of the Biological Section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science [transcript of Wallace's testimony in the Henry Slade fraud trial; part of an article/N entitled 'Evidence in Defence of Dr. Slade']. The Spiritualist (London) 9(14): 161, 164 (160-161, 164-165) (3 Nov. 1876).
--reprints: above reprinted verbatim in Banner of Light (Boston) 40(13): 1b-c (1a-d) (23 Dec. 1876); also reprinted in The Spiritual Record 1: 85-86 (1883-4); note/N entitled 'The Slade Prosecution' including summary of Wallace's testimony printed in The Times (London) no. 28773: 11d-f (30 Oct. 1876); note/N entitled 'Prosecution of Dr. Slade' including Wallace's testimony printed in The Morning Post (London) no. 32554: 2d (2c-e) (30 Oct. 1876); note/N entitled 'The Slade Prosecution' including Wallace's testimony printed in the Liverpool Mercury no. 8982: 8e-8f (30 Oct. 1876); note/N entitled 'The Prosecution of Dr. Slade' including Wallace's testimony printed in The Western Mail no. 2342: 8c-8e (30 Oct. 1876).

S262. Mr. Wallace and His Reviewers [lttE]. Nature 15: 24 (9 Nov. 1876: no. 367).

S263. Dr. Carpenter on Mesmerism, etc. [lttE]. The Daily News (London) no. 9559: 2c (11 Dec. 1876).
--reprints: as 'Mr. A. R. Wallace on Psychological Phenomena' in The Spiritualist (London) 9(20): 236 (15 Dec. 1876); as 'Dr. Carpenter on Spiritualism' in The Medium and Daybreak (London) 7: 796b-797a (15 Dec. 1876: no. 350); as 'Alfred Russell Wallace in Reply to Dr. Carpenter' in Spiritual Scientist 5(18): 207 (4 Jan. 1877).

S263a. Baron Reichenbach's Researches [lttE]. The Daily News (London) no. 9562: 2c (14 Dec. 1876).

S264. Dr. Carpenter on Spiritualism [lttE]. The Daily News (London) no. 9566: 3f (19 Dec. 1876).
--reprints: The Medium and Daybreak (London) 7: 804b-805a (22 Dec. 1876: no. 351); as 'Dr. Carpenter Criticised' in The Spiritualist (London) 9(21): 245-246 (22 Dec. 1876: no. 226).

S265. Mr. G. H. Lewes's Exposure of Mrs. Hayden [lttE]. Spectator 49: 1608 (23 Dec. 1876: no. 2530).
--reprint: as Appendix O, 'Letter From Mr. A. R. Wallace to the Editor of The Spectator, Dec. 23, 1876,' of Mesmerism, Spiritualism, &c. Historically & Scientifically Considered by William B. Carpenter (Longmans, Green, & Co., London, 1877): 153-154.

S266. review [of The Races of Man and Their Geographical Distribution (2nd ed.) from the German of Oscar Peschel, 1876]. Nature 15: 174-176 (28 Dec. 1876: no. 374).

S266aa. Spiritualism [lttE concerning Dr. William Carpenter's failure to attend seances]. The Daily News (London) no. 9574: 6c (28 Dec. 1876).

S266a. comments [brief remarks specially solicited by Mr. Harris for inclusion in his work]. in A Philosophical Treatise on the Nature and Constitution of Man by George Harris (George Bell & Sons, London, 1876): 372, 373 & 374 (Volume I), and 254 (Volume II). [contributed by Christine Garwood]

S266b. The Evils of the Drink Traffic and Their Remedy [lttE setting out a plan to curb drunkenness]. The Daily News (London) no. 9580: 3c (4 Jan. 1877).

S266c. A Correction [lttE correcting detail in S266b, on the dangers of drinking]. The Daily News (London) no. 9581: 2c (5 Jan. 1877).

S267. Glacial Drift in California [lttE]. Nature 15: 274-275 (25 Jan. 1877: no. 378).

S268. The "Hog-wallows" of California [lttE]. Nature 15: 431-432 (15 March 1877: no 385).

S268a. lttE [regarding points on which Wallace and Darwin differed, and Spiritualism; sent from Dorking, Surrey]. Inangahua Times (Reefton, New Zealand) 3: 2g (16 March 1877: no. 90).

S269. The Comparative Antiquity of Continents, As Indicated by the Distribution of Living and Extinct Animals [a paper read at the RGS meeting of 25 June 1877]. Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 21 (1876-77), no. 6: 505-534 (followed by an account of related discussion on pp. 534-535) (19 Sept. 1877).
--reprints: with introductory portion re-written as Essay VIII, 'The Distribution of Animals as Indicating Geographical Changes' in TNOE: 304-347 (April 1878); summary/P printed in The Geographical Magazine 4: 220-222 (1 Aug. 1877).

S270. review [of Mesmerism, Spiritualism, etc., Historically & Scientifically Considered by William B. Carpenter, 1877]. Quarterly Journal of Science 7 (n.s.; 14, o.s.): 391-416 (July 1877).
--reprints: as 'Dr. Carpenter on Spiritualism' in Supplement V of Popular Science Monthly Supplement I-VI: 435-450 (1877); as same in Eclectic Magazine 26(5) (n.s.; 89(5), o.s.): 538-555 (Nov. 1877); as same in The Psycho-Physiological Sciences, and Their Assailants (Colby & Rich, Boston, 1878): 7-36; in German as 'Der Kampf gegen die Orthodoxie in der Naturwissenschaft' in Psychische Studien 5: 72-77, 120-125, 217-222, 321-326, 366-371, 464-471, 514-519 (Februar-November 1878).

S270a. (see S206)

S271. Spiritualism and Conjurors [lttE dated 10 Aug. 1877, London]. The Spiritualist (London) 11(7): 78 (17 August 1877: no. 260).

S272. The Colours of Animals and Plants. I.--The Colours of Animals. Macmillan's Magazine 36: 384-408 (Sept. 1877: no. 215) / The Colours of Animals and Plants. II.--The Colours of Plants. Macmillan's Magazine 36: 464-471 (Oct. 1877: no. 216).
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--reprint: as 'Reciprocity the Essence of Free Trade' in SSS, Vol. 2: 167-187 (includes S312 as pp. 183-187) (Nov. 1900).

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--reprint: in SSS, Vol. 2: 183-187 (Nov. 1900).

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--reprint: portions incorporated into Chapters 7-9 of Island Life (Oct. 1880).

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--alternate version 'Croydon Microscopical and Natural History Club' includes extensive remarks by Wallace at the meeting. The Croydon Chronicle and East Surrey Advertiser no. 1286: p 5d-e (20 March 1880).

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--large portions reprinted as 'A Darwinian Study' and 'Degeneration' in Science 1(3): 32 (17 July 1880) / 1(6): 63 (7 Aug. 1880).

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--reprinted with note in SSS, Vol. 2: 265-295 (Nov. 1900).

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--different but equally thorough summaries/P printed in Rugby School's magazine The Meteor of 3 Nov. 1881 (1st and 2nd lectures, pp. 127-129), 29 Nov. 1881 (3rd, pp. 141-142), and 21 Dec. 1881 (4th, pp. 151-152).

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--reprints: similarly thorough accounts of the meeting printed as 'Land Nationalisation Society' in The Standard (London) no. 17940: 2d (17 Jan. 1882) and as 'The Nationalization of the Land' in The North-Eastern Daily Gazette (Middlesbrough) no. 4551: 3b-c (17 Jan. 1882).

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-- reprint: in German as 'Über Dr. Fritz Müller's Erklärung Einiger Schwierig Erschienenen Mimicry-Falle' in Kosmos: Zeitschrift für Einheitliche Weltanschauung auf Grund der Entwickelungslehre 11(6): 380-383 (1882).

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S355. review [of Wanderings South and East by Walter Coote, 1882; and Pioneering in the Far East, And Journeyings to California in 1849, and the White Sea in 1878 by Ludwig Verner Helms, 1882; anonymous, but attributed to Wallace in the Index for Vol. 26, and mentioned in a letter (item WP6/8/4(3), Natural History Museum London)]. Nature 26: 476 (14 Sept. 1882: no. 672).

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--reprinted in Spanish in article by Cosme Mariño entitled 'El Sábio Naturalista Wallace y la Trampa de los Espíritus' in Constancia (Buenos Aires) 6(16): 485-488 (484-488) (30 Abril 1884); excerpt reprinted in lttE by John W. Truesdell entitled 'Materialization' in the Boston Investigator 56(51): 2a-b (2a-b) (30 March 1887: no. 2911). [Truesdell reports that as of his writing the Boston paper Banner of Light had reprinted Wallace's letter "not less than three times"]

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--abstract/Y entitled 'How to Cause Wealth to Be More Equably Distributed' [prepared "for the newspapers"] reprinted in My Life, Vol. 2: 251-253 (Oct. 1905); another summary/N printed as part of  'Conference on Industrial Remuneration. Third Day.' in The Democrat (London) no. 14: 2a (14 Feb. 1885).

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S457b. Terrestrial and Small Epiphytal Orchids [brief note offering to supply specimens from South Africa and Australia]. The Garden 42: 551c (17 Dec. 1892: no. 1100).

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