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Phylloxera Vastatrix. (S323a: 1880)

Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: A Wallace letter communicated to the Editor of the South Australian Register (Adelaide) by his cousin C. A. Wilson as part of a note that appeared on page six of the 8 May 1880 issue. The whole note is printed below. To link directly to this page, connect with: http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/wallace/S323A.htm

To the Editor.

     Sir--Having received by last European mail several communications in the matter of the Phylloxera vastatrix and other allied species, through my cousin, Mr. Alfred R. Wallace, in answer to a letter I addressed to him a few months ago, I send you an extract from his own letter on the subject, as I know it will be of interest to a large section of the public, the vignerons, and others interested in our wine trade. Mr. Wallace says about the phylloxera--"I wrote at once to Mr. MacLachlan, and he tells me that specimens would be useless and not recognisable, as no way has yet been discovered of preserving them. He recommends a French Government report by Professor Max Cornu, giving full descriptions, and with beautiful figures, which will render any doubt as to the species impossible, and will also no doubt give much valuable information. To save time, I wrote to Sir Arthur Blyth, your Agent-General, to know if he would get the report and forward it to the South Australian Government. I enclose you his reply."

"London, March 19, 1880.

     "Sir--I have your note of the 18th. I will endeavor to obtain Professor Max Cornu's report, and will send it out to the Government immediately I obtain it.

"I am, Sir, &c.,
"Arthur Blyth.
"Alfred R. Wallace, Esq."

     I also received a letter from Mr. Jules Lichtenstein, of Montpellier, a member of several foreign academies, addressed to me as an "Inspector of one of the branches of agriculture," containing remarks (which I will publish if desired) on the same subject, with some test objects. This was accompanied by eleven pamphlets by himself and a few other foreign entomologists and Vine Inspectors on the different species of phylloxera and some allied insects. To those on the Phylloxera vastatrix are added several engravings and tinted lithographs of the destroyer and his food, in all their stages of growth, both natural size and magnified. All or any of those I shall be happy to show to any one interested in the matter. The pamphlets are in French, with one exception.

I am, Sir, &c.,
C. A. Wilson.
May 5.

*                 *                 *                 *                 *

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