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Paraffin Moulds of Spirit Hands (S408a: 1888)

Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: On page 300 of the 23 June 1888 issue of Light (London) Wallace introduces a long communication by Darius Lyman describing a series of seances that had been held some years earlier in Washington, D.C. To link directly to this page, connect with: http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/wallace/S408A.htm

    We have received from Mr. Alfred Russel Wallace the following letter, with the subjoined communication from Mr. Darius Lyman. Mr. Lyman is personally known to us as a most able man and competent observer. We need not recall the fact that the mediums here referred to left London with a tarnished reputation. Mr. Lyman's testimony goes to show that our contention is true, viz., that genuine phenomena may be obtained through genuine mediumship, although that gift may have been prostituted and abused:--

    Sir,--The accompanying narrative of the production of paraffin moulds of hands under conditions that appear to preclude all possibility of deception, and with the excellent test of weighing the paraffin before and after the experiment, has been sent me by Mr. Darius Lyman, of Washington, a gentleman who has been acquainted with Spiritual phenomena for more than forty years, and is a thoroughly well-informed and intelligent investigator.

    The production of characteristic and recognisable materialised forms in a small American farm-house, every part of which was open to investigation, is equally remarkable.


[[followed by Lyman's communication, titled "Paraffin Moulds Obtained Through Alleged Spirit-Intervention"]]

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