Wallace Obituaries

The following is a list of good-sized Wallace obituaries that appeared after his death. From some of these I have drawn short quotations that give some indication of the kind of esteem felt for Wallace at the end of his life.

In addition to the preceding, I have it on good authority (but have not had time to personally verify) that obituary notices appeared within days of his death (on 7 November 1913) in the following foreign newspapers: La Bataille Syndicaliste (Paris), Le Figaro (Paris) (8-11-13), Le Petit Bleu (Paris) (9-11-13), Le Temps (Paris) (9-11-13), L'Action (Paris) (9-11-13), L'Intransigeant (Paris) (9-11-13), Berliner Tageblatt (Berlin) (8-11-13), and Vossische Zeitung (Berlin) (8-11-13). Doubtlessly there were many others as well.

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