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Terrestrial and Small Epiphytal Orchids
(S457b: 1892)

Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: A short note printed on page 551 of the 17 December 1892 issue of The Garden. To link directly to this page, connect with: http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/wallace/S457B.htm

    Terrestrial and small epiphytal Orchids. Having made arrangements to have some of the more interesting small Orchids of South Africa and Australia sent by post, I shall be glad to supply them to any persons wishing to obtain specimens and who are willing to pay a moderate price to encourage the collectors. These things are rarely to be had from the dealers, and complaint is often made that they cannot be obtained. I have just received a few plants of the curious little Dendrobium linguæforme from New South Wales. --Alfred R. Wallace, Parkstone, Dorset.

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