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Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceTravel Information for WKU Libraries Employees
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalacePassports & Visas for WKU Students
Virtual Visit to Imperial Palace Chinese Embassy in Washington DC
  Visit this site for your visa and many other information you need for your trip.
Virtual Visit to Imperial Palace U.S. Department of State's Travel Information about China
  This information changes frequently. Please check its home page for updated informtion.
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Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceInformation on Travel in China
  In addition to news, travel tips and tour-related laws, this site features three dozens of Chinese cities like,,
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceChinese Scenery

This is merely an introduction to the natural beauty of China. The photos behind the introductory icon-size pictures are all very large, be wary of the time it has to take when you decide to look at them.

Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceChina Attractions by City
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
  • Chongqing.
  • Xi'an (The ancient capital of China's First Emperor, where the "Eighth World Wonder", the terracotta soldiers, are found and on exhibition. Be patient with its lengthy textual introduction: the pictures are underneath it.)
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceHong Kong
  This is an official Hong Kong Special Administrative Region information page with a lot of reliable information you need. Here is a map of the Hong Kong's MTR System.
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceTravel in Tibet

Travel to Tibet, other cities in China, Nepal and India with China based travel service.

Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceVirtual Tour
Hotels and Accomodations
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceBooking Plane Tickets
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceLength Converters

Here you can convert kilometers into miles.

  • How Far Is It (Enter two locations and see how far apart they are.)
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceWeather

The's search result for the weather conditions of places in China.

Virtual Visit to Imperial Palace Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese
  Learn to speak some Chinese before you go.
Virtual Visit to Imperial Palace The Universal Currency Converter
  This is a very user friendly interface. Type the amount of one type of currency (Rinminbi is the Chinese currency, somewhere at 8.06 to $1) to convert to another type of currency and you'll get the up-to-date converted rate.
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceUnit Converter
  The Chinese use a metric measurement system. You may need this converter to figure out the Chinese units in terms of the American measurement system you are so accustomed to.
Virtual Visit to Imperial PalaceTravel China Tips for Electrity Use
  If you bring the electric appliances to China, they won't work as the Chinese use a different voltage. This guide will give you some tips on what you need electrically.

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