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Chinese Flag and Anthem China from CIA World Factbook
  Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational issues.
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Chinese Flag and Anthem The US Army Area Handbook on China
  This site provides a very comprehensive study of China in all aspects. It is not an overstatement to say that if you do not have time to browse all the other links on this page, you must not omit this one. And if you think it is a little bit dry, here is a more interesting alternative reproduced by Leon Poon from University of Maryland.
Chinese Flag and Anthem Chinese National Flag and Anthem
  View the flag and hear the anthem at Wikipedia website.
Chinese Flag and Anthem Chinese Constitution
  Adopted on December 4, 1982, amended in 1999.
Chinese Flag and Anthem Chinese Government
  CPC, National Congress, Presidency, State Council and Supreme Court.
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Chinese Flag and Anthem Administrative Divisions of China
  It lists the Chinese provinces, automonous regions, special administrative regions, municipalities under the direct jurisdiction of central government, and more.
Chinese Flag and Anthem China in Brief
  Here you'll find fast facts about every aspect of China. Apart from land, population and history, you will also be able to learn about Chinese political system and state structure, administrative divisions, education, and environment protection. And China at a Glance from the same source.
Chinese Flag and Anthem China's Official Gateway to News and Information
  Where you can get news and information about ethnic groups, population, land and administration.
Chinese Flag and Anthem Chinese History for Beginners
  China has a long history and has tomes to record it. This site is a time-saver if you need only a sketch of the long history.
Chinese Flag and Anthem Chronology of Chinese Dynasties
  China is an ancient country with nearly 5,000 years of written history. The dynasties listed in the chronology are nearly all well recorded and documented by famous historians like Sima Qian.
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Chinese Flag and Anthem A General Introduction to China
  This is the first chapter of Haiwang Yuan's book The Magic Lotus Lantern and Other Tales from the Han Chinese.
Chinese Flag and Anthem Chinese Ethnicities and Their Cultures: An Overview
  This is the first chapter of Haiwang Yuan's book Princess Peacock: Tales from the Other Peoples of China.
Chinese Flag and Anthem China's Ethnic Minorities
  China has 56 ethnic groups, with Han accounting for 93% of the total populaton of 1.28 billion. The other 55 are referred to as "minority nationalities" or "shǎoshù mínzú" in Chinese, each enjoying a rich culture, and a spoken and/or written language. Even the Mandarin-speaking Han people speak a variety of dialects.This ethnic Chinese site is a favorite of mine because of its photographic description of each of the ethnic groups. Learn what languages Chinese speak, what languages the minority nationalities speak (a pdf article and a map, which also shows how these minority nationalities distribute), and what is the Analysis of Fertility and Mortality Data for the Twelve Largest Ethnic Minorities.
Chinese Flag and Anthem Nanjing Massacre
  In 1937, Nanjing, the then capital of China, was raped and plunged into blood pools by the Japanese imperial army. History is to remind posterity of the lessons so that the same will not happen again. It is by no means to breed new hatred. Peace to the Nanjing Massacre victims. Peace to the not peaceful world even today!
Chinese Flag and Anthem CND's Chinese Calendar Home Page
  Since many traditional Chinese festivals such as the Spring Festival which is as important to the Chinese as Christmas to people in the West, are following the Lunar Calendar system, it is necessary to have a converter between it and the Solar system. Here is a site where you can find such a converter and where you can also get postscript files for the 1995 calendar.
Chinese Flag and Anthem Chinese Military Power
  This SinoDefence.com web site features Chinese Air Forces, Naval Force, Ground Force, and Strategic Missile Force. The previous Chinese Air Force web site is no longer available.
Chinese Flag and Anthem China, Tibet and Chinese Nation
  This site answers many of the questions about Tibet and its relationship with the rest of China. It also point to more resources on Tibet, such as history, tour information, a gallery, and maps.

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